I’ve missed this space. This time. For me to look back and reflect upon memories created and stare right dead smack at the beautiful blessings upon blessings that surround me daily. When 1 of thousands of fleeting moments is captured. forever. As if time has stopped, it helps tremendously to transform my fatigue, my negativity… Continue Reading

My Bella Yvette

So, it’s true what they say. By the time #5 comes, there is less and less time for pictures and documenting. Poor kid. 😉 But God is good! I had been whining to Him that I couldn’t find just 10 minutes to capture her adorable stage of smiles and stares, of careful observation while she… Continue Reading


It seems to be the theme of our marriage. Of our life. Deployment. Babies. Going from 2 incomes to 1. House projects to make room for babies. Musical rooms. More babies. And now entrepreneurship. He’s been working towards this for nearly 5 years, whether he realized it the entire time or not. Whether we’ve realized… Continue Reading

A Frozen Halloween

Well, she did it again! Our creative, passionate, spicy one as the ring leader of all her siblings came up with the idea and as a mom who loves a good theme, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to mix bargain with creativity. The 1st chance we got, we headed to our favorite thrift store and… Continue Reading

4 Months

It’s going so fast… In fact, you are closer to 5 months now but it’s been nearly a month since i took these pictures of you. Yvette Bella, you have such a beautiful spirit and temperament and you are a beautiful baby, just like your name reveals. It’s as if you’ve always been apart of… Continue Reading

Hello Seven

It’s probably a very good thing that I’ve had 3 months to recuperate and reflect on my 1st baby’s 7th birthday celebration because planning a party for a demanding picky particular creative, imaginative little girl less than 4 weeks after having a baby, while adjusting to 5 babes can be slightly overwhelming. However, aside from… Continue Reading

The 7 of Us

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to get married and have kids.  Never did I imagine 5 babies in 7 years! Never did I imagine the fatigue, the messes, the demands, the lack of sleep, the continual dying to myself, to my sinfulness. And just when I thought it was time to rest, the… Continue Reading

My boy is 3

Once upon a time, our little prince turned 3! And Daddy and I were so busy caring for the needs of 3 babies under 3 years that somewhere between the pure exhilaration and sleep deprivation of a new baby, we nearly forgot it was your special day (since we were neither keeping track of days… Continue Reading

2 Months

And just like that, you’re 2 (ish) months! I feel the same way, beautiful one! You are a different baby than when we brought you home just 10 weeks ago. Sleeping through the night, making eye contact, cooing and giving sweet smiles with some one on one (or 4 on one) interaction…and covered in dimples… Continue Reading

Bella Yvette: 2 Weeks

I can’t believe I shot these nearly 2 weeks ago…The time is flying But I’m so glad I captured this short early newborn stage, as interesting as it was, because you are changing so fast. It’s such a short period of time when I can slip on a headband and position your arms in just… Continue Reading