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I’ve missed this space.

This time.

For me to look back and reflect upon memories created and stare right dead smack at the beautiful blessings upon blessings that surround me daily.

DSC_1000aWhen 1 of thousands of fleeting moments is captured. forever. As if time has stopped, it helps tremendously to transform my fatigue, my negativity and the lack of gratitude that so easily creeps into my heart and takes over into the awe and wonder that our Lord deserves from me.

DSC_902aAnd since many of you are still so little, and I’m not yet able to communicate with you the depth of emotions in my heart, the depth of joy that you bring to me on a daily basis, this is my space to do so. Oh, I tell you how much I love you.  I do. I smother you with kisses to show you how precious you are.

DSC_697aI tell you how proud I am of you for choosing to give up your favorite toy for the sake of sharing and showing love. How impressed I am for the way you protect her.

DSC_0320I tell you how my heart is bursting with delight and admiration when I overhear you, across the street, sharing with neighbors who might not be aware of the Good News the meaning of St Patrick’s Day and the life of such an incredible soldier of Christ.

DSC_0513a I tell you how SPECIAL you are. And how special it is that at your young age, you are so naturally sensitive to so many different things at once. How you notice it all. How you have a unique gift of simple yet DEEP thoughtfulness and consideration.  I do tell you how much I appreciate the way you constantly watch out for ALL of your siblings, reporting anything to me that even slightly resembles danger, and how proud I am that you pushed through 63 slides of the history of our English language with obedience and perseverance.

DSC_1291aI tell you that you could light up the world with that smile

DSC_0929I try to remember to tell you how much I love spending all of my day with you to serve you.

But, perhaps here, you will get another angle into my heart. Perhaps, one day, you will enter into  this secret space of mine and see through my lens how although I can spend every waking moment with you learning what this life is all about, I still awake in the darkness, in the quiet, with you on my mind, eager to share this fierce love I have for you.

DSC_0434aBecause each of you teach me far more than I could teach you.

DSC_0445aYour purity of heart, your FAITH, JOY and LOVE for each other, for all, and for LIFE is humbling to the core.

DSC_0611It is simply sanctifying.

And I’m so thankful for the opportunity to reflect.


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Hello Seven

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Double Celebration!

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Atrium 2011-12

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Liturgy of the Light 2012

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Pretty Girl Part 2

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