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Family Snow Day

Some shots from our highly anticipated family fun day in the snow! It was a first for all 4

DSC_0522-2 And although it was about 2 weeks later than we had planned, thanks to a terrible flu bug that swept through our house, and much of the winter’s snow had melted away , he didn’t know the difference…


It started out as many of our adventures or outings do…loud. And like nails scratching a chalkboard. Yeah, that sound. πŸ˜‰Β  1 needs her milk…Right away! 1 needs his diaper changed. The other 2 are bickering. And every time, I ask myself why we put ourselves through it. (Of course, I am way too overwhelmed and frustrated to get pictures of the comical chaos) And then within minutes, the scene completely changesΒ  DSC_0549-1 Calm. Peaceful and I was actually able to sit back and take it all in.

DSC_0552-1After nursing her under a big beautiful oak tree, this one slept. Little snow bunny.

DSC_0670-1Thanks to some wonderful and generous friends, we were well dressed and well equipped.

DSC_0534-1We spent hours sledding down hills. DSC_0658

Every combination of us. Dean and the girls.

DSC_0667-1Dean with each girl.

The girls together.

DSC_0588The girls solo

Family Snow Day 3.12

The girls and me. The boy and me. And me by myself, yelling like I was on one of those crazy scary carnival rides that flip you upside down a hundred times. I think I had a lot of tension to release. I can’t imagine why πŸ˜‰

Another hour or so was spent creating




This one loves her rocks. I wonder where she got that from πŸ˜‰


The best group shot, I could get, minus 2…(Pay no attention to Soren’s obscene gestures)


All 4 passed out on the way home which was a sign to me that they had a great time!

DSC_0516Thank you Father God for a beautiful day!

Babymoon. Vegas. 2012.

I told Dean, I really had the urge to get away before Amelie arrived and I knew we would be home-bound for while as we adjusted and transitioned to a family of 6. So, where do you go with 3 little ones when you’re 8 months pregnant? Vegas seemed like a logical choice πŸ˜‰ No,… Continue Reading

A Hot August Night

Yes it was. But that might have been also because we were shaking our booties to the songs of our man and his amazing band/orchestra πŸ˜‰ Over the weekend, we got to go out for a fun double date night to see Neil Diamond in concert! Yes, he’s more than twice my age. Yes, I… Continue Reading

Double Celebration!

This past Saturday we had a combo birthday party for these 2 precious little souls When Daddy and I talked about birthday celebrations for our July babes, we decided to keep both kid’s birthdays very small, mainly because both finances and my energy level were near depleted. But when we started discussing guest list, with… Continue Reading

Family Staycation

Just as soon as Dean racked up his 40 hours of vacation, he was ready to use it and when we talked about what to do on his time off, he had the desire to stay local. We listed out all of the possible local attractions that we knew everyone would enjoy. The list was… Continue Reading

The Golden State

There are a lot of little reasons why Dean and I don’t like California but there are a few, big reasons why we really do! Second to family, which is golden, is the ability to pack up the 5 of us and be here within 15 minutes in the dead of winter. πŸ˜‰ Even forgetting… Continue Reading

Fall Family Fun

This past weekend was filled with lots of family fun. smiles. cotton candy. carnival rides. funnel cake goodness. togetherness. firsts. carefree timelessness. History. Stories. Silliness. Grace. Belly Laughs. Love. “Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” Author: William Cullen Bryant Continue Reading