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My Bella Yvette

So, it’s true what they say. By the time #5 comes, there is less and less time for pictures and documenting. Poor kid. 😉 But God is good! I had been whining to Him that I couldn’t find just 10 minutes to capture her adorable stage of smiles and stares, of careful observation while she… Continue Reading

A Frozen Halloween

Well, she did it again! Our creative, passionate, spicy one as the ring leader of all her siblings came up with the idea and as a mom who loves a good theme, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to mix bargain with creativity. The 1st chance we got, we headed to our favorite thrift store and… Continue Reading

4 Months

It’s going so fast… In fact, you are closer to 5 months now but it’s been nearly a month since i took these pictures of you. Yvette Bella, you have such a beautiful spirit and temperament and you are a beautiful baby, just like your name reveals. It’s as if you’ve always been apart of… Continue Reading

The 7 of Us

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to get married and have kids.  Never did I imagine 5 babies in 7 years! Never did I imagine the fatigue, the messes, the demands, the lack of sleep, the continual dying to myself, to my sinfulness. And just when I thought it was time to rest, the… Continue Reading

2 Months

And just like that, you’re 2 (ish) months! I feel the same way, beautiful one! You are a different baby than when we brought you home just 10 weeks ago. Sleeping through the night, making eye contact, cooing and giving sweet smiles with some one on one (or 4 on one) interaction…and covered in dimples… Continue Reading

Bella Yvette: 2 Weeks

I can’t believe I shot these nearly 2 weeks ago…The time is flying But I’m so glad I captured this short early newborn stage, as interesting as it was, because you are changing so fast. It’s such a short period of time when I can slip on a headband and position your arms in just… Continue Reading

July 4th

What a fun tradition we have on Marcella Way… This year, our kids were really spoiled, Neighbors on both sides rented bounce houses, 1 with a water slide and invited the kids over. 1 of the pickets on our fence had popped off a few days prior creating the perfect crawl space for our kids… Continue Reading

Memorial Day 2014

“Now the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” 2 Corinthians 3:17 We spent Memorial Day at home enjoying the freedom that so many died for. May we never take it for granted that it is because of their fight that we are here May we see… Continue Reading

On Being a Momma

I spent the beautiful day today at the park with 2 of my favorite momma’s and 12 (of our 14) kiddos in tow (Yes, I’m including my little Yvette who is now full-term and most definitely qualifies as “in tow” status) and while I was waiting for them, since we were the first to arrive,… Continue Reading