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It’s Potty Time

Sweet G’s been showing a lot of interest in using her little toilet lately.

And we’ve had quite a bit of success!

At least at home. I’m not brave enough yet to test the waters (pun intended) 😉 when we’re out and about.

TGIF because I’m ready to have my better half back!  It’s been a good reminder to me to pray for all those single parents out there!

May God grant them super-human strength and comfort in times of loneliness.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


Are you shitting me?

You have GOT to be kidding me!  Look at this precious little gift that was left on my front lawn this morning?  It’s a good thing I walked outside and saw this before Sweets did since she was playing at the sand table as I was inside watching her from the kitchen window because there… Continue Reading

Sister Sister

This morning, I woke up to this …. I’ll explain…After some snuggly time in my bed with Spicy A, we heard Sweet G moving around on the monitor. Alizea immediately exclaimed screamed “Genna!” and squirmed her way out of my arms. When I asked “should we go check on her?” she answered “No, I!”. “No… Continue Reading


Today was supposed to be a nice, relaxing ‘catch up’ day – after a quick trip away from home, I was in much need of some time to unload, unpack, wash, quality time with A after 2 days with Mimi, maybe a trio nap, etc. Well, after being up almost all night with an uncomfortable… Continue Reading

A Good Friday Indeed

 Can you guess what we did today??? This morning was one of the few times that I didn’t have anything in particular planned to do…I figured with the massive amounts of laundry I’ve been putting off and the unpredictable weather, I could use the time at home. However,  No plan + energetic toddler = major… Continue Reading