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I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to say farewell to Summer. Although, I don’t think it’s ever been this humid while I’ve been ever so pregnant!

Today, was the 1st morning that I enjoyed a warm cappuccino over an iced late.

The 1st day we went without running the AC during the kids afternoon nap.

The 1st night I had to go back in the house to grab a sweatshirt for our family walk around the block and 1st time I’m wearing PJ pants! YAY!!!!

Miss Spicy helped me take out all the Fall decorations and ransform our fireplace mantel

I inherited this family of pumpkins that my Grandma Emde hand painted. Spicy was ecstatic when she realized there was 1 for each of us, “even the new baby!!!” Can you tell which one is her? Gma must’ve somehow known 😉

And Mr. Serious? What do you think about Fall being upon us?


I think he’s bummed that his popsicle-licking, shirtless, wagon-riding days are numbered…

I promise you’ll have just as much fun carving pumpkins, eating Halloween candy and puddle stomping…

Here’s to a few, cool months while my belly continues to expand and body heat continues to rise 😉

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