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There is no greater friend than a sister

DSC_0505-1These were some of the 1st shots I got playing around with my new camera lens.

DSC_0516-2They are only a couple weeks old and already, I’m looking at them thinking “she looks so different now” with her chubby cheeks and new rolls popping up every day. 🙂

DSC_0510-2Ah, and falling asleep as I cup your head with my 2 hands is also a distant memory. A lot has changed from just 2 weeks ago (more on that in a future post, I hope) It’s going too fast. I just can’t keep up. Thank goodness for these photos to capture the sweet memories.

DSC_0551-2Big sisters hard at work as we finish off the year…


Spring is Here!

And we’re so excited!For us, Spring means lots of outdoor play lots of exploring and observing… It means finding unexpected treasures And it means we take schoolwork outdoors It means we have fruit to pick And it means whether they are tossing the ball around, playing with play-doh or fighting over the broom, these 2… Continue Reading

When We’re Not Building A Nest

The nesting for this pregnancy has gotten completely out of control. Somewhere between the anticipation of my decorating hobby being put on hold for awhile with life changing very soon adding a 3rd little one to care for  and an interest fascination obsession with craigslist, I got the crazy idea to re-paint our bedroom, completely… Continue Reading

After the Rain

Three ladies dressed and out the door and it’s not even 9 o’clock? Accessorized and even make-up on mommy, now that’s a big shock! To the store, list in hand, a routine trip filled with surprise, Giggles and squeals, lots of great deals, too quickly came the demise.  Meals and naps went smoothly without a… Continue Reading

SoTo-tally Rocker Chics

I’m sorry but who else can pull off a dress with an 80’s flare, a pair of patten leather boots with peace signs, uncombed hair and still look hot struttin’ her stuff on a shattered concrete runway??? And her sidekick sis is pretty cute even with the mullet going on, the fur vest and the… Continue Reading

Deserted Island or Paradise?

First off, isn’t this the cutest $1 buy?!?  (Technically, it was $2.50 in the ‘dollar’ section of Target but what a steal! Very Montessori-like and helpful in our study of the calendar)I was also taken back when I realized it was time to change the month! September already?!? As in 4 months left in the… Continue Reading