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Yvette Bella Soto: The Birth

As per our tradition here on our family blog, here is the story of your birth, Yvette Bella Soto.

Tuesday, June 24th I packed up your 4 siblings and we headed to Mimi and Bapa’s. We had donuts and bagels and then I got to visit with my Spaniard family while Mimi and Bapa split up and each took 2 kids on bike rides/walks. After a few hours, I quietly said my goodbyes to the big girls, (the little ones were already sleeping) holding back big emotions that this was the last time I would kiss them before seeing them in the hospital and introducing them to you.Β  I headed home, but not before stopping at my beloved Home Goods where I had good luck and found a rug for your big sisters room.Β  Mimi texted me some pictures which calmed my nerves and made me completely at ease heading into my big, late night. When I got home, I mustered up all the energy I had to empty trashes, vacuum one last time, fold clothes, mop the floors and take a cool shower, knowing it would pay off big time when I stepped foot in the door from the hospital carrying you and wanting to do nothing more than hold you and feed you and fall asleep with you on my chest (in a *clean* house). Β  Daddy was also busy tieing up loose ends for work so he could “check out” for at least 24 hours. Around 6, we headed out for a nice dinner.

Here you are, at nearly 41 weeks in utero. And still, no signs of wanting to come out. IMG_3385I was so uncomfortable. No offense babe but I was so ready to get you out and regain control of my body.

Dinner was absolutely delicious and we had a beautiful view.

IMG_3387After dinner, we strolled downtown Orange, got some hot beverages, walked some more and then hopped in the car to head over to check into our hotel the hospital by 10pm.

11:30pm – After all the paperwork and logistics were done, 1st tablet was inserted to begin to ripen the cervix. Nurse informed me that usually, you don’t feel much, maybe some cramping. She was right. I felt nothing so I tried to get some rest.

3:30am – A 2nd tablet. I began to have mild and irregular contractions but was not hopeful it was doing a whole lot.

7:30am – As I suspected, my cervix of steel, as named by a nurse I had with Amelie, is proving to be true and I’m barely a 1cm and 85% effaced. 3rd tablet goes in. Still having irregular and mild contractions.

9:30am – Dr Fuorentino checks in and breaks my water. The nurse is confidant this is going to put me into “real” labor especially with #5, but I know better.

10:30am – Nurse checks and I am only a 2cm. I ask her if she can check with the Dr about starting the “Vitamin P” (as Aunt Ro likes to call it) After 2 hours of nudging and pestering her, she finally got it going.

12:30- Steady but sloooow progress. I’m now a 3cm and for the 1st time, I’m actually excited about some Pitocin to get some real contractions going πŸ˜‰ I was hesitant but the nurse and Daddy convinced me otherwise and she ordered the epidural which I got sometime in the next hour before the contractions picked up too badly. I try to rest. Daddy puts on a movie for us to watch.

3:25pm – Got checked yet again. Nurse was hoping I would be at least a 7. I laughed out loud thinking she was ca-rayzy. She obviously doesn’t know about my cervix of steel. To my complete surprise, I was a 10! I couldn’t believe it! Almost immediately, I felt a lot of pressure in my bum and the urge to push already! I was shocked and elated. The nurse calls the Dr thinking “push” time equals delivery time. This is, afterall, my 5th baby.

4pm – Nurse Connie leaves to help with another delivery (Thank you Lord! She wasn’t exactly my cup of tea) and in walks Nurse Shannon, my angel. She coaches me through a couple pushes and Dr F shows up. Shannon turns off the epi. He walks in, stands back leaning his chin on his hand in his office clothes as if we were boring him. I thought that was odd but somehow he knew, I was not ready to deliver a baby and he clearly had a lot of stuff on his plate. He lets her know he’ll be at the nurse’s station outside and about 10 minutes later, she calls him to tell him to go back to his office full of patients. My heart sank. Why does this not feel anywhere near what it did for my last 3 deliveries? Why did I get this burning sensation (No, not that one, although that comes later) that something wasn’t quite right. That the pushing wasn’t yielding the results that it ought to.

Well, Shannon quickly realized that you were sunny side up and your forehead was getting stuck on my pubic bone. She explained to me that we were gonna have to turn you. And there was no easy way other than a whole lotta patience, persistence and perseverance.

4-7pm – three stinkin’ hours of pushing, begging to rest through “this one”, turning from side to side, nearly on my stomach trying to turn you, lots of maneuvering, pressing on my stomach while holding your head, more pushing, oxygen, and more pushing. I was exhausted. I broke at one point. Whispered to Dean that I didn’t think I could do it. That I wanted to give up. He quickly got Shanon on board and they gave me a verbal kick in the a$% that I needed. They convinced me that pushing my guts out (almost literally) was in fact doing the job, ever so little by little and that my only other a choice was a c-section. That dreaded word was all I needed to give me a 2nd wind. A couple more good pushes as the epidural wore off and Shannon’s maneuvering of Yvette’s body did the trick. I remember Shannon say to Dean “Did you see that? It looks like she turned!” And with that, she called Dr F back in….He observed another push as he got his gloves on and I heard him say “Oh now you’re gonna make me hurry?!” I could feel the lightening of your head. And for the 1st time, because the epidural was turned off 3 hours previously, I could feel a lot more than I had planned. I let out a yell as your body passed through and I knew you were here. The smiles and admiring looks were audible. We did it and I was soooo relieved!

DSC_1417aYou hardly let out a cry and when you finally did, it was a quiet, muffled, raspy little cry. You looked like Soren. You are perfect.

DSC_1438aAs soon as I was cleaned up and sitting up, I told Dean to go get Auntie Nini and your big sis who were in the waiting room. I’ve never seen her so excited. Never.

DSC_1443aThen, Bapa came in. Alizea was jumping up and down exclaiming “Come see her Bapa!!!! Come see the new baby!!!! My baby sister!!!”Β  Melt. my. heart.

You can see in this picture where your head was hitting my pelvic bone. Thank God for His perfect design because by the next day your head was a beautiful round.

DSC_1429aThe 1st night was bliss. Daddy and I watched movies. We talked without interruptions for hours. Hours. We oooh’d and ahhh’d over you. We reminisced about our last 4 stays at the St Joseph’s hotel. We laughed. He changed your diaper. I tried to nurse you but you weren’t interested. You were so sleepy. It was hard to go to sleep. I didn’t want our time together as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend to end. You slept all night and we ignored any and all suggestions to wake up and feed you. We know better by now. And I’m so thankful we have a pediatrician who thinks the same way. The next morning, Daddy left to relieve Mimi and Bapa and take the 2 little ones home. But not before soaking you up.

DSC_0102aI had the day to myself. I held you and worked with you on breastfeeding correctly. I stared at you. I watched hours of TV. And for some odd reason I kept coming back to Daniel the Tiger and Dora the Explorer. πŸ˜‰ (not really) I got dressed. I put make-up on and we had a little photo shoot.DSC_0073aI think I shocked my nurses when they walked in on me out of bed, squatting to get the perfect angle of your perfect little fingers.
DSC_0035aand toes πŸ˜‰

DSC_0071aIn the early evening, Mimi and Bapa came to visit. Mimi was so anxious to meet you!

DSC_1464aThey brought your 2 biggest fans with them.

DSC_1449Alizea just couldn’t get enough of your sweet goodness.Β  I don’t blame her.

DSC_1473aAnd when everyone else was chatting away, Genevieve quietly made her way to the white board and drew a picture of our new family of 7! So precious!

DSC_1468aOur 2nd night was quite different from the 1st. You definitely made up for your lack of feeding in the 1st 24 hours. Between nursing and diaper changes, we were up a lot. I knew it was coming but I am definitely “go with the flow”, not interested in controlling things or anticipating things, at least not anymore πŸ˜‰

DSC_146aBut I still felt as though I got a decent amount of sleep and napped when I could. I was anxious to take you home and begin our new life together.

DSC_0129aAnd so when Daddy arrived with Alizea and Genevieve…we took a few more pictures

DSC_0133aand we were off!

DSC_0122aI already feel so overwhelmingly blessed to have you in our lives! Our precious little Yvette!


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