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Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Today is Thursday.  That means a certain Spicy princess willingly and excitedly gets whisked away by her fairy godmother (aka, Mimi) chauffeuring her in her special pumpkin carriage Navigator ride with personal flat screen and all. That means she gets to burn off some energy twirling and hopping and gets spoiled with one on one… Continue Reading


Reasons why today was a Terrrific Tuesday! A surprise visit from my mom. Any amount of time with my mom is cherished and just plain enjoyable. But the unexpected ones are so special. I just adore the opportunity to be with her as we share our common blessing to be able to work from our homes… Continue Reading

Deserted Island or Paradise?

First off, isn’t this the cutest $1 buy?!?  (Technically, it was $2.50 in the ‘dollar’ section of Target but what a steal! Very Montessori-like and helpful in our study of the calendar)I was also taken back when I realized it was time to change the month! September already?!? As in 4 months left in the… Continue Reading

Random Reflections

In the past 2 days, despite being slightly sleep deprived (caused by a number of factors), the Holy Spirit has illumined my mind to many reasons to be thankful and joyful. Here are the top 10:  10.  Getting my love enjoyment back for house cleaning 9. Making gradual progress in the deep cleaning and purging… Continue Reading

Back to the Basics

Well, we are still very much recovering from the effects of late nights, no schedule and a lovely (words dripping in sarcasm) breast infection. After many a melt down had by all 3 Soto females, the youngest 2 of the bunch teach the old ‘hag’ (that’s certainly how I feel) yet again….As I found myself… Continue Reading