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Stop and Smell the Roses

Inspired by an E-book I’ve been reading on photography, thanks to Big D, I’ve been trying out some recent techniques and tips I am learning on some beautiful subjects in our blossoming garden. 
I should know the name of these fabulous plants but I don’t have a clue. All I know is that they are gorgeous and the vibrant colors and complexity make me smile every time I walk up to our house.
 I’m sure my mom would not only know the name, but the classification, class, order, subclass, superorder, family, tribe, genus, genera, species and cultivar (haha). 
As I mentioned earlier, she (aka Mimi, DE, bff) took complete charge of researching (many, many hours & many, many trips to many, many nurseries) the right plants for our space which would combine affordability, low-maintenance, year-round beauty & enjoyment, even child-friendliness. Other than giving my opinion here and there on preferences of color or narrowing it down between 2 choices, she did it all! She acted as a paid professional and treated our project with the utmost care and seriousness. Thanks to her (& her partner in crime of course), our backyard is stunning, especially as all the plants and flowers are fertile and in full bloom, thriving so much so, that I had to make a trip to Home Depot to buy some trimmers so they don’t start strangling each other.
Thank you mom for investing so much of yourself and your time to the soft-scape portion of our exterior remodel!!! I now smile rather than scowl every time I step foot out the back (& front) door, smelling the lovely fragrances, rather than feeling nauseated at the condition our backyard was in before. 
The girls and I are most definitely enjoying God’s beauty and creation given to us by the hands of his servant, Martha!

Have a beautiful weekend enjoying the charm of Springtime!

He’s still At It

I think a big reason why I am feeling better this week is that I get to see this wonderful man first thing in the morning.   I get to share about my degree of nauseating discomfort, complain about a certain child who does not always want to stay in her bed at night and just… Continue Reading

Crunch Time

Man, Super Dad continues to outdo his super-ness like the super-hero he is. This week he has been putting in extra long hours at La casa de Soto to do all the preparation (which, let me tell you, involves A. LOT.) to be ready to pour concrete bright and early, Saturday.   So many times I… Continue Reading

Family Day

How I treasure days like today.  Forcing ourselves to slow down a bit . To try not to worry about work, projects, cleaning, schedules. To truly enjoy the gift of each member of our family. I was telling Dean at some point in our car ride that the day gave me the feeling we had… Continue Reading

Sweet Home Alabuena Park

Although the fresh color coat of new stucco has been up/on/applied since Saturday, I still look up from playing on the front lawn with the girls or drive by and get all giddy inside thinking “Is that my home??? No way!” Doesn’t seem like it belongs in the good ole Brentwood track of BP, mainly… Continue Reading

House Remodel Update #4

So, the roof is up! Finished! Complete! Yippee! Probably the least noticeable and decoratively showcasing of our financial investments (although pops assures me it is the nicest looking roof from the top view) but the peace of mind knowing we are “covered” this winter and protected from any potential leaks is a great feeling! Another… Continue Reading

House Remodel Update # 3???

So, here’s where we were about a week ago… Since then, the entire roof has been stripped and prepared, which involved a lot of work you don’t see (not to mention an unexpected hitch with the flat roof whereby pops had to re-roof the entire thing before the final hot mop coating which is happening… Continue Reading

He must’ve known

God must’ve known I needed desperately needed an uber productive day with more than 10 minute intervals for  well,….my sanity. The effects of yesterday’s completion of roof removal was hundreds thousands of tiny pieces of brittle, black, 15-year-old composite shingles covering everything (which is way too much junk) in our garage. Perfect. No, really, this… Continue Reading

A special summer indeed

So there’s this guy. He’s been coming to my house almost every day. I look forward to his arrival; it makes getting out of bed, egggssshausted, with a cold, knowing I have potential tantrums to face & just a required level of energy that is often overwhelming, oddly exciting. He works on my house. For… Continue Reading