Rewind (Genevieve turns 5)

Before I attempt to highlight this summer’s activities, I came across some shots from 6 months ago highlighting my 2nd babe that I knew I needed to post…And then after an extremely special moment tonight, I knew I needed to make time to reflect..

DSC_0536My sweet sweet Genevieve, you reminded me yet again of your incredibly special soul. I opened your basket of books to read to you and you came across and chose The Giving Tree. I remembered how much your sister enjoyed that story over and over until she had it memorized. I began to read and I could tell you were captivated and enjoying every page from the beginning but I never expected what was to come. We got close to the end when the tree had given everything she had..Her apples, her leaves and branches and then her trunk and was happy doing so knowing it was making the boy happy and you began to sob. A deep cry from the depth of your heart and you said “But that’s so sad” as tears streamed down your tanned cheeks. Alizea popped up from her bed asking “what’s wrong?” and I after I explained that you were touched deeply by the fact that the tree had given all of herself to the boy, your big sister added “Yeah, just like Jesus” which was all I needed to start crying alongside you. We had a great conversation about being selfless and life giving to others and I affirmed how you are so naturally thoughtful and giving to others. When you finished releasing those special sacred emotions within you, you drifted off to sleep. I thanked our Lord for giving me that awesome opportunity and reminder of the real gift that you are to me and to our family.

DSC_0539aAlthough your birthday trails behind the Christmas and New Years excitement and business, and the weather is slightly unpredictable, I was determined to make you feel special. You chose to go to the local bounce house with your best pals and have a small party at home afterwards.

DSC_0122aYou wanted a zebra and blue theme so that’s exactly what we did including pin the tail on the zebra!

DSC_0089I think your age caught up with you a bit because I am always surprised that you are only 5. To me, you act so mature, so loving, so deep for your age that I always think of you as much older than you are.

DSC_0184aWhat an amazing little person you are and boy, do you bring so much joy and happiness to all those around you!

DSC_0152aYou are such a huge help to me and I am constantly impressed the way you can capture the attention of each of your siblings and rally them all together (so much so that I find myself taking mental notes) They listen so well to you and ENJOY playing with you and just simply being in your presence. You are so in tune with each of them and you know them so well. You are the perfect mix of a mother hen they look up to and a comfortable, intimate friend.

DSC_1025aHappy 5th Birthday my sweet angel girl!


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