My Everyday

The last couple months have been challenging on every level. Uncomfortable, stretching, messy times.

DSC_0063aPhysical demands like I’ve never experienced or would have ever imagined, emotional confusion, and spiritual desolation that took a lot of patience and perseverance and waiting on the Lord.

DSC_1071aBut as always, (in hindsight of course) He is faithful and it has been beautiful to find Him, our hidden God, in the big things of life, and in the little, in the ordinary, in my every day.DSC_1092aAnd time and time again, He continues to teach me that in giving myself to you, my children, He gives Himself to me.



DSC_1182That more often than not, it is the most simple, ordinary things that are the most sanctifying.

DSC_702aAnd that every corner of our home is a reminder of His faithfulness, His calling in our marriage. In our hearts.

DSC_1274aThat His Love and His grace always bears fruit in due season.DSC_1627It is no surprise that I love being a mom and a Stay at Home mom at that. Ever since our Engagement we used to talk and dream about this life, lots of kids, the ability to be home with them and be the primary teachers in all things and with God’s grace, cultivating a home that is a school of virtue. And still, when I see these images, it’s hard to believe this is my life. Maybe it’s because it happened so fast 😉 Or maybe it’s because the more He stretches me, the more I grow, and the more I learn, the more I realize how little I know and understand about Him.

About His goodness.

DSC_1043aAnd how He is there. Alive. The breathing, bleeding Christ staring me dead in the face.

DSC_1520In my Every Day


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