Gideon Alexander, 3 Months

My sweet babe. You have definitely earned the title (tied along with your counterpart, the other Sweet G) as the best baby. As easy as they come. You definitely spoil us. God is good. And funny.

Anyway, here you are at 3 months with those stunning blue eyes and that dark hair that is thinning by the day. My prediction is that your new hair will come in similar in color to Yvette and Amelie’s.

DSC_1189You are proving to be big, no make that huge, just like Soren. You are already the size of a 9 month old.

Definitely filling out those long legs with some nice rolls.

DSC_1196You are such a happy baby. Calm. Cool. Sweet. So sweet.

As soon as you showed signs of strong neck movement and head support, you have been sleeping on your tummy and absolutely loving it. You recently found your thumb to self sooth which is quite nice and are now sleeping through the night and you take great naps during the day. You are always kicking your legs, squeaking or smiling.

DSC_1209But you have a serious side too.

DSC_1219And I am beside myself at how quiet (& tough) you remain with the constant pestering, poking and pushing from Frick and Frack. They can’t keep their hands off of you.

DSC_1230I guess you don’t seem too bothered 😉

DSC_1240You are an absolute joy. Nothing compares to sneaking away into the corner of my room where you spend most of your time, picking you up, digging my face into your soft skin, smothering you with kisses, watching your face light up with complete joy, being able to give you everything you need to thrive and receiving the quiet, peaceful consolations that only you can give.


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