5 Years!

Five years ago, I started an incredible, indescribable journey. One that launched me into my vocation filled with joys and sorrows but one that would draw me closer to Christ like no other. One that would be bountiful with blessings, both earthly and spiritual. One that would change me, challenge me and transform me on a daily basis. One overflowing with  L O V E. Thank you to my amazing husband for your patience, your forgiveness, your charity stemmed in your desire for my salvation and holiness, your hope, your faith, your incredible love. 
Here is a brief recap…
A girl waiting to meet the man of her dreams…
 tall, dark and handsome man 
the divine intervention & providence of the Holy Trinity
the sacrament of holy matrimony
lots of 
1 beautiful gift created with God’s help
too much time apart 

a 2nd heavenly blessing 


a 1st combined slumber party at Mimi & Bapa’s leaving mommy and daddy to their own devices all night and morning 


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