A Case of the Monday Blues

Not too long ago, I would get this feeling, starting on Sunday evening and ending on Friday afternoon. A feeling of restlessness, of being slightly unfulfilled, of wanting to be somewhere other than where I was. I enjoyed my job, I enjoyed the paycheck and I really enjoyed the people I worked with. But I felt like something was missing. 
Now I know what that something was. 
Today’s Monday Blues were only calming hues from the clear sky and deep shades of indigo of the ocean waves. 
 What an incredible blessing to be able to start the week with my three precious jewels soaking up the Vitamin D, breathing in the fresh salt water breeze, and being reminded how to enjoy life with the pure joy and innocence of a child. 
Oh, and stay cool in this incredible heat wave!
It was so delightful and …fulfilling to see Mimi and Spicy playing in the waves, the best of friends, cackling and squealing, and staying refreshed from the sun’s warm heat.
As Sweets waves in admiration awaiting the day to join them
My favorite views of the day…

This bum is always struggling to stay covered. Sorry, girls, you inherited the junk in the trunk gene from both mommy and daddy!

 Sweet got her first taste of some Huntington Beach minerals. Mmmm, crunchy! 
I suppose for one who hasn’t been exposed to much, this could be rather tasty?!?!?

And nothing competes with a sleeping angel baby!

 A happy, blissful, wonderful Monday beginning at mass to thank God for His blessings, a fun day at the beach, a brief jog and even a nap!  
Yeah, I think I’ll keep my day job! (It’s the night job I can do without…just kidding)
Have a wonderful week!

3 Responses to A Case of the Monday Blues

  1. I just got caught up on your blog from the past couple of weeks and I have to say that I loved them all too much to even comment! WOuldnt even know where to begin! And I am very excited to see ALL the girls on Friday…Poor B will be SO outnumbered…or I guess I could just say, "lucky B." Hehe

  2. Yay, I know! I'm so excited to too!!! Yes, B is VERY lucky to have this awesome opportunity. We're working on trying to give him a male companion 😉 hehe

  3. Love that top photo! 🙂

    Yes, the mini-sessions are on Nov 13th…I have a few openings, so just let me know on FB or somewhere else if your'e interested! 🙂

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