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A sweet sounding weekend

Friday night, Dean and I got to join my father & mother-in-law and a couple others for a date night out attending “How Sweet the Sound 2012” WHAT. A. TREAT.  It was amazing! If you’re curious, here is a recap of last year’s tour to give you a taste:

We were 7th row from the stage which was an experience in itself. I kinda felt like I was in that scene from Sister Act when they are competing only in 2012 and at Staples Center! Amelie was kicking and praising right along with me! Pretty sure I was the only white Catholic gal in the entire stadium but you never would’ve known with my “large and in charge” movin’ and groovin ! 😉

Then, Saturday night, we attended a Sound of Music sing-along some friends put on! Costumes were encouraged and I have a thing for dressing up 😉 soooo….remember this scene when Maria decides to make play clothes from the old curtains? Well, this was my inspiration photo

I actually found fabric really close to the one pictured but it was double the price & for most likely a 1-time wear, unless I can convince everyone to put these on for Halloween, I figured it wasn’t worth it.

I made a quick dash to the fabric store 1 evening and 20 minutes and $8.42 later, I arrived home with my materials. I spent a couple late nights doing this…

And came up with these…(Have I mentioned how much I love creating? It was so much fun for me!)

Not too bad…just don’t look closely at the uneven seams or even unfinished (raw cuts, not even sewn) edges. But it gave me confidence that with a real pattern and some more time, I could make quite a few things.

There must have been 20+ adults and double that in littles 😉

What a neat idea the Smith’s had and I was thinking…of stealing the idea to host something like this in the future!

but not for awhile….yesterday, I was definitely feeling the effects of now being a parent to 4 and the (several) consecutive late nights were taking its toll on this not-so-young-anymore body 😉

BIG Girls don’t cry!

Today, we challenged ourselves. Genevieve was the leader of the pack. She got her work-out gear on (ok, I helped a little), and headed to the ‘gym’ to work off some of her forearm chub by smacking her dangling rattles one arm at a time (a ‘first’ which was so neat to see). I have… Continue Reading


Today was supposed to be a nice, relaxing ‘catch up’ day – after a quick trip away from home, I was in much need of some time to unload, unpack, wash, quality time with A after 2 days with Mimi, maybe a trio nap, etc. Well, after being up almost all night with an uncomfortable… Continue Reading