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Six Months!

Hello there, Mr. No-Neck. hehe…(I think a mom’s allowed to have a smile at the expense of her kids after the spit-up in the newly washed hair, the poop on the newly washed favorite shirt, the pee in the face, and being awaken out of a dead sleep to list just a few of the… Continue Reading

Five Months

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it! I can’t believe another month has passed! It seems like I was just documenting your 4th month yesterday. I agree, it’s just nonsense! Well, 1 thing’s for certain. You keep growing. As shown above, you are chunuuuu-nky & never mind what I was saying last month… Continue Reading

4 Months

My handsome one. When daddy saw this picture, he asked, “who is that?” and was completely sincere. Nice one Dean, don’t even recognize your own offspring.  I agree, it’s an odd angle and doesn’t look much like you without those chubby cheeks and full lips but it is you and I thought it was a… Continue Reading

3 Months

Oh Soren buddy, you are one cool cat for only 3 months… I think you were born with a special wisdom that you better not compete with the ladies because you are one mellow little guy. I never imagined such a good baby. So low maintenance. I didn’t know what to expect with a boy… Continue Reading

1 Month!

Well hello there, Mr. Handsome You are one tough little guy to be surrounded by your loving sisters who smother you to death with squeezes and kisses… Where has the last month gone??? Ah yes, to loads of laundry stained in poop, to 3 am diaper changes (nothing like being sprayed with urine in the… Continue Reading

Batter Up

Since this is probably the last piece of newborn clothing Soren will be able to squeeze into, I had to snap a photo of him in this adorable sweatsuit (pants not pictured).  With his baby acne and freshly spiked hair, and with the impressive stats at his check-up yesterday (11lbs & 22.5 inches, +2 points… Continue Reading

2 Weeks!

We had a little photo shoot to commemorate Soren’s 2 weeks of life!  Our thinker…   It’s quite fitting that his name means “The stern one”. Much of his awake time involves a serious, contemplative look or a scowl that expresses a hundred words (I’m just not sure which words those are).  And if you… Continue Reading

My Baby is 4!?!

I’m going to make this short because, well, the combination of post-pregnancy hormones with lack of sleep does not make it easy to reflect on the fourth year of your firstborn’s life without getting all weepy and frankly, losing it. Alizea Ann, You are such a wonderful little girl! Your zeal for life is a… Continue Reading

18 months!

A little late but I figured it was time for an update on Sweet G.   …Being that she is on the downhill march to a 2 year old! And being that she is the big sister now and has a lot more responsibilities these days. Like handing me the wipes as she sits close by… Continue Reading