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Liturgy of the Light 2012

Last night was the Easter celebration (we Catholics are still in the Easter season) with Spicy’s “Catechism of the Good Shepherd” class. Actually, all 3 classes came together for a taco feast, some much always needed adult time while the kids ran around playing together and a beautiful program beginning with a procession as the children held their candles lit from the Paschal candle, readings from Holy Scriptures and a few songs sung by the adorable 3-6 year old voices.

I love this shot of Alizea’s future husband 😉 Oh Nathan, we love you!

It was a fun evening to gather with friends and family (Thank you Mimi, Bapa and Nini for coming out – just in case you couldn’t tell from the tears and screams when we  left you, the girls were very happy to see you!) and to receive so many sincere, genuinely excited congratulatory exclamations and wishes from so many people! (especially after the morning I had, the previous day)

I met Kim (in the middle) through Tina (on right). Turns out, Kim's cousin is married to my 2nd cousin (Brian Emde) It really is a small world

Michelle & Me. And please keep praying for her physical healing as well as patience and peace in the meantime!

My beautiful God-daughter, Gianna Marie

And since we couldn’t take picture or videos of the program indoors, here is a sneak peak at Alizea practicing 1 of the songs…


So thankful for so many things. Thankful for our Church (universal and local). Thankful for my faith. Thankful for the Mass. Thankful for the Eucharist.  Thankful for my relationship with my God. Thankful for God-fearing parents who do their best to follow Christ’s teaching & whose marriage is a testament of God’s grace. For gathering… Continue Reading

Three’s a CHARMer

This little guy…  in his quiet, unassuming way is quite the charming little fellow He shared & played impressively well for a two year old whose behavior was the furthest thing from “terrible” and 15 months his junior, I could tell Genevieve appreciated this very much in contrast to the bullying badgering pestering she experiences… Continue Reading

Double Playdate

Today we had a super exciting play date. It was “super exciting” because I always look so much forward to seeing and chatting with “Miss Juweeanna” (as Alizea calls her) and her red-head beauty, Elyse, and we were long overdue! I got up extra early to make our lunches so I could maximize the time… Continue Reading

Welcome Summer Heat

Well, we sure got our recommended daily dose of Vitamin D today and momma’s got a very red back and shoulders to prove it. But oh so fun to get out and chat with other mommies, sweat off some toxins and calories pushing a heavy double stroller filled with 55 pounds of perfect girl goodness… Continue Reading

Oh Baby!

Today was a very fun day! It dawned on me after finding myself as excited & giddy as a teenager getting ready for the Prom, that I have a new appreciation for opportunities to get out and connect with old friends as well as meet new ones. I took for granted the simple pleasure of… Continue Reading

Make a new friend

 Very shortly after waking this morning, (since all three of us slept in until 9 o’clock – Ahhhh, that felt good! ) I could hear lots of little voices coming from our kitchen window. I peeked a few times and realized that there was some kind of play gathering going on next door. I tried… Continue Reading

My tribute to Karyn

 One of the things I loooove about living where we do is being a 3 minute drive/5 mile jog to my BFF Karyn’s house.  Even if we go weeks (shame on us!) without seeing each other, just knowing she is so close is comfort enough. It’s hard to believe that this picture was taken just… Continue Reading

An All Day (Fun) Affair

Well, it’s no wonder my feet are still aching. The girls and I spent the entire day at Irvine Spectrum vising with friends and spending special time together outdoors! First, we met Carrie and Brayden for an overdue, fun gathering.  It was pretty exhausting to try and remember everything we wanted to share, ask, update… Continue Reading