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65 Years of Marriage!

Over the weekend, we got to share in a very special event! A  milestone very few people reach in their lifetime. I’m guessing less than 5% (?) Anyway, Dean and I were saying on the drive there how special and priviledged and blessed we felt to share in such a beautiful occassion.

No dount, these two are surely blessed

Sixty Five Years of Holy Matrimony filled with joys and sorrows but always united through their love and obedience to the Lord as the headship of thier marriage. It’s so cool to imagine all the experiences they’ve had over the years and to see them still make each other laugh.

And grab each other’s hands as the best friends they are.

Sweet G refused to look at the camera. She's so funny. And SUCH A stinker!

I know I say it a lot but what an inspiration they are for me in my daily journey as wife and mother and teacher. What a spark of peace and joy they bring to me just thinking about them! Man, I pray God blesses Dean and I with so many years to learn from each other and from Him.

And to be able to have dinner and receive cards from our great grandhildren 🙂

HAPPY 65th ANNIVERSARY ITO & ITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I admire you guys soooo much and love you so deeply!

Like Mother Like Daughter

As I mentioned in a prior post, my latest organizing project involves gathering all the loose and old pictures in boxes from all corners of the house (& garage) and put them all into albums in our bookshelves. As I was doing so, I came across some baby pictures of me and immediately thought of… Continue Reading