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Are you shitting me?

You have GOT to be kidding me! 
Look at this precious little gift that was left on my front lawn this morning? 

It’s a good thing I walked outside and saw this before Sweets did since she was playing at the sand table as I was inside watching her from the kitchen window because there is no doubt, she would’ve given it the touch, and possibly taste test.
Ok, if that were me & let’s say forgot my poop bag (giving them the benefit of the doubt), I would have been so mortified, (especially seeing all the kids’ toys out front) that I would have left a note and/or knocked on the door apologizing profusely & telling the person I would be back to clean it up, hell, I would’ve picked it up with my bear hands. I am now on a mission & determined to catch any & all dog owners (because I’ve seen a few passing by our house) walking their dog empty handed, and give them a piece of my mind! I don’t even have to know pet owner etiquette, it’s common courtesy! (which obviously some people don’t comprehend nor adhere to)

**Honey, when you read this, yet another reason on my list why we need, yes, need our white vinyl “picket fence” surrounding our front yard to keep intruders off our property**

Window View

For the last 7 years of my career working in the aerospace industry, I supported proprietary programs which meant living working in buildings with no visual access to the outside world. I always fantasized about a “window view”.  A view of anything, really. A tree, some blue skies, heck even another building.  Well, this morning… Continue Reading


 For months years now I’ve been trying to get Spicy’s hair to look the way it does after Mimi sends her home, bathed with this glamorous mane of golden locks. She would say she doesn’t do anything special… shampoo only and comb it through with a pic instead of a brush. Hum! Well, even after… Continue Reading

The Baby Blues

It’s been a little over a week since we found out that TreSoto is a boy!  I think the reality is sinking in. Big sis is sure ready for another newborn at home. She has been very interested lately in carrying around her  “baby brother” It’s so neat to hear her speak of him and… Continue Reading

Nailing it down

This is precisely why I wouldn’t just not mind having another girl, but I would be thrilled!  After dinner, making S’mores with daddy in our firepit (this is becoming a favorite bonding activity of theirs and mommy doesn’t mind the results they bring in!) and a nice, long bath, in place of 2 bedtime stories,… Continue Reading

It’s a Wonderful Life

Some people wonder how we SAHM’s can do it. You know, being trapped in your home (which is quite the oxymoron, don’t you think?) all dreaded day long with no adult interaction wiping snot and poop while your brain turns to mush.  Well, I’ll admit it’s challenging at times. There are days that drag on,… Continue Reading


We are recovering from sugar overload; a super fun, exciting, long birthday celebration day with no naps; and several nights with little sleep for mommy (this time totally self inflicted due to crafting obsessions, not difficult children). We are detoxing and recouping. This means staying in our PJs until well after 10am I can’t take… Continue Reading

Looks can be deceiving

Don’t let this innocent face fool you.. Soon after I snapped this shot, she decided to poop in the tub. That’s right, I was quickly holding her with one arm trying to keep her from picking up her feces which she was fascinated with, while scooping it into the toilet with the other, while draining… Continue Reading