Baby 5’s Gender Reveal

God is so good. I’m so thankful to have been able to honor and celebrate Baby Soto Cinco with a very special event getting to know this little person hiding inside of me a little better. 😉 Thankful that baby and I are healthy and have not had any issues or complications with the pregnancy. Thankful that I have a mom who can watch our little man overnight and for the whole day while cooking up a feast for our 15+ guests. Thankful for a dad who picked up his grand-daughters, took them to gymnastics class, out for lunch and a special outing so Dean and I could prepare the house for hosting. Thankful for friends and family who traveled a couple feet or a couple of hours to show their support, love and excitement for another beautiful life God has given us to care for! Thankful I have been able to experience both being surprised at the birth as well as knowing the gender ahead of time.  (For a variety of reasons, I definitely prefer the latter) And thankful I had some really special quality time savoring my *baby* before she gets booted to big sister rank. (Don’t you worry, Lee Lee, you are so ready for this)

DSC_0267Once the big girls got picked up and Daddy was out running the shopping errands, It was just her and I. And I made a special point to give her my undivided attention and not get so wrapped up in the “To Do” list or the cleaning (that noone would even notice) to enjoy the party prepping and my blessings (the reason for the celebrating).

DSC_0256She is great helper too! Like pulling everything out from every kitchen, bathroom or bedroom drawer she can get her hands on & adding extra things for me to do with the already limited time I had. 😉 Good thing she is so cute. And takes good naps. 😉

DSC_0236The “decorations” (if you can even call them that) were very simple. Balloons from the Dollar Tree and a few signs here and there. Had this been 2 babies ago, I would have been majorly disappointed.

DSC_297a (1024x683)This time around, I was just ecstatic to be able to clean the house, have people over and not be mortified of said house’s appearance and enjoy good food and great company together!

DSC_277a (1024x683)While I was prepping the house and listening to my Christian/”praise Jesus” music, I got surprised by the Holy Spirit. The message was loud and clear. Your blessings abound, my child. And don’t ever forget that these babies are my gifts to you. And my mind and heart were flooded with countless examples of His faithfulness and goodness in our lives. I felt so humbled, so grateful, so unworthy of His incredible love, I could hardly contain it. It seriously made scrubbing the toilets a joy. Wish it were that case all the time. 😉

DSC_295a (1024x683) This guy loves his Ito Bear. We have always said he is an old soul.
Just look at those identical facial expressions 😉

DSC_354a (1024x683)Daddy led a beautiful prayer before eating. I love Amelie’s praise hands!

DSC_324a (1024x683)Auntie Nini was the only one who knew the gender. I’m surprised she was able to keep it from me because we are horrible at keeping secrets from each other. She did a great job at torturing confusing me.

DSC_309a (1024x683)2 Very excited big sisters with their very best friend, Miu Takahashi.

DSC_300a (1024x683)Looking back, I was definitely guessing what I had hoped the gender would be. I think I thought that would influence the reality, haha!

DSC_359a (1024x683)Cousin Laurie shared with me the idea (via Pinterest of course) of using silly string to reveal the gender so Miran concealed the big surprise and glammed them up, naturally.

DSC_363a (1024x683)And after our tummy’s were full, it was time to discover whether our little guy would have a brother or be a “Soren Sandwich” as Daddy called it 😉  It was very exciting.

DSC_0370 (1024x683)And a little nerve wracking (Masa’s spray can nozzle flew off while shaking so we were trying to find it without looking for any possible remnants of color)

DSC_0371a (1024x683)1,2,3, SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~

I honestly saw powder blue (because initially it came out white, and funny how your brain plays tricks on you when wishful thinking) 😉

DSC_0376a (1024x683)And I was disappointed for about 15 seconds…

DSC_0377a (1024x683)and then completely overjoyed, of course, because well, God knows best and Has an awesome plan for this little girl in our family and in our world! (And now I have four mani/pedi and shopping buddies for life!)

DSC_0379a (1024x683)Finally, Sweet G gets to experience the excitement first hand and there is Aunt Tita in the background watching via Facetime.

DSC_0389a (1024x683)Dean looks a little scared. The girls weren’t the least bit disappointed 🙂

DSC_0397a (1024x683)Sorry bud. Talk about estrogen overload. You’ll either make an awesome husband with all the experience or an even more awesome priest (because of all the experience, ha)

DSC_0390a (1024x683)We got our 1st congratulatory gift from Mrs. Claus (aka Auntie Sherry), talked about all the emotions and “what it might be like”s had dessert and continued the party

DSC_0406a (1024x683)Bapa with his 4th grand-daughter!

Don’t look so excited Amelie 😉

DSC_344a (1024x683)My very best friends which makes me all the more excited for another daughter and sister for the girls!,DSC_305a (1024x683) What a fabulous night! We already love you so much, our precious daughter!

DSC_0387a (1024x683)And we are all so excited to meet you and welcome you into our family where love is never lacking!

Only 9 more weeks!!!


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    • Marisa, Part of me feels guilty for waiting so long to view and reply to your awesome posts which are like magazines-incredible pictures and accompanying comments which makes you feel like you are living the moment all over again. There is still something most special and unique about still photos, and your photos are amazing at capturing the mood and flavor of the event. But, on the other hand, when I view them after the fact, I get to re-live the emotions all over again. And what a joy it was to relive this joyous event when we learned the first bit of news about our next grandchild to join our family. Knowing how special and unique each of the kids have turned out to be, I can’t wait to see her come into the world and blossom into her own special person. Thanks so much for all your effort. It brings me such pride and joy to view your family and all those who care so deeply for you.

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