Christmas 2014

12 weeks late. But the images bring the memories right back. My gifts. DSC_1310aChristmas Eve mass was interesting. But the point is we participated in the most important part of Christmas and the reason for it all! And, we survived!!!

My beautiful girls!! They still love their matching dresses so you best believe I will be taking advantage for as long as I can! (THANK YOU Mimi for finding these!)

DSC_1323aSo much awe and wonder

DSC_1346aThe season brings

DSC_1340a (1024x683)And of course, excitement



DSC_1399aAnd Gratitude




DSC_1411aNew Meetings

DSC_1490aAnd Receiving


DSC_1396aChristmas Morning …

DSC_1599aPoor thing had to wait almost 2 hours for her sister. She definitely understands patience at a young age.

DSC_1609Finally Sleeping Beauty, I mean Snow White awakes!

DSC_1633And at last, some gender appropriate toys for this boy!

DSC_1605a (1024x683)His big gift from Mommy and Daddy was a big hit

DSC_1663a (1024x683)for Amelie too!

DSC_1706a (1024x683)MY camera battery died shortly after en route to Mimi and Bapa’s but I must document that this one took her first (several) steps on Christmas Day! With all the clapping and cheering, she was quickly a pro!

DSC_1659a (1024x683)The End.

But, not really. We know that Christmas was only the beginning 😉

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    • Another magical event in our family history. Your pictures are absolutely exquisite and capture so much emotion and honesty. The unbridled joy of kids is certainly a reminder of how we should all live our lives.

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