Catching My Breath

When I was counting the number of months it had been since the last time I sat down to document, think back and preview some snapshots of our life, I could hardly believe it was 4 months. Crazy.  A lot can happen when you’re not paying attention to the passing time.

DSC_587aBut then, when I started reflecting over the past 5 months, it was very easy to see why. We survived months of morning sickness, enjoyed Thanksgiving, and the Christmas season, which meant lots of family time while daddy was off work, we had 2 birthdays, 6 cases of the cold, 1 case of pneumonia, lots of sleepless nights, implemented a new daily schedule and routine at the start of the new year to make our day more ordered and peaceful, and baby 5’s gender reveal to name a few…. Pour in some tough homeschooling, Add in a new language Sweet G picked up called Whineese, Spice it up with a couple of teething toddlers and stir in a momma who is making new body parts every day and we’ve been biiiiiizy!

DSC_585aBut it has been a full and extremely meaningful 5 months, thanks Be to God.

DSC_572aI was way overdue and finally made it to confession last night, thanks to the gentle prodding of a certain better half. Father Ed reminded me that we, the family, are the school of virtue, learning mercy, practicing compassion (and seeing daily hourly minute by minute how much work I need in the patience department).  He really helped to put everything into perspective and bring my focus back to my purpose here on earth.

DSC_571aAs always, after *He* (Jesus Himself through the vessel of the priest) gave me, Marisa, a sinner, absolution, an incredible thing took place. It always does. And because of it, I can’t figure out why I hesitate to run to that confessional in the 1st place. Who wouldn’t want to be cleansed and renewed like a pure little soul.

DSC_581aAs always, I’ve learned a lot in this vocation I was made for, in the past 4 months. Like how to make PB & J sandwiches with 1 hand while holding a baby on my hip or resting on her sister’s baby bump. And how to change a diaper with 1 hand while my other hand is tickling and wresting with the boy. You know, all useful skills that help make this world a better place 😉 Anyway, I’m hoping to go back and fill in the blanks a bit on some memorable highlights of our family because I’m finally catching my breath

DSC_586aAnd it feels great to be back!

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