You’ve got your hands full

I got it 9 times today. In one store. Yes, I counted. And without judging, complaining about why that comment irks me so much (may or may not have something to do with the look of constipation that goes with it rather than a smile) or analyzing the various possible intentions, I’m just going to submit to the obvious. And celebrate. Not only, yeah. But hell yeah, I do! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

Something is going on inside of me. Lots of changes. Lots of growing pains. And I have a sneaking suspicion I know who is to blame (Thank you Father Gaitley for your 33 day retreat to Marian consecration. It is rocking my world!) Anyway, I have never been so in love with my family. With these guys…DSC_0358aYes, the dirty. snotty, snarly, stinky, loud maniacs that cause me to mumble to myself all day like a crazy person or ask myself “Are you kidding me?” more times than I’d like to admit. The ones who puke on me and thrust and contort their little body’s when they don’t want to be held or get their hands washed….Mmmmm Hmmmm, You better believe I’m talking to you. Don’t be trying to look all innocent, Miss thang…

DSC_0121aThe ones who pick their noses and laugh in my face to spite me or enjoy testing the strength of my will (and upper body) after climbing out of the crib 3 times in 3 minutes…

DSC_0338aThe ones who tell me “Cmon mom, it’s no biggie, accidents happen” when I’m on my hands and knees wiping a mess for the 5th time, or who kill my pride when they ask if I’m on Instagram before praying in the morning.

DSC_0327aAh yes, and the ones who get all snazzy with me stomping their feet and shouting “I’m not tired!”

DSC_0322a…yeah those kids….

I pray it’s not a passing emotional state but something is shifting. Don’t get me wrong. I still need my time alone. Or with my girlfriends (Thank you Puja and Nicci for a fabulous evening of all things female!) Or that guy I share a room with. I think his name is Dean? But, I am finding more and more purpose and profound peace in what I do. I can’t fully articulate it at this time. It’s kind of strange, really.

DSC_0289aBut it’s a kind of wonderful strange. 🙂

DSC_0264aNow, offer up some serious prayers for me. Tomorrow I will be trapped in a very confined, moving space with these rugrats for over 8 hours!

And my hands will certainly be full. Full of trail mix, jelly beans, coffee and all kinds of good stuff to numb the pain 😉


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  1. Dear Marisa, if You only knew how much I Enjoy your blog You are aAmazing! ,!! Someone to be admired and your sharing those beautiful feelings wow love you aunt Yoli

  2. I get that comment too and I only have TWO rugrats! Sometimes they say it when I only have Ty with me. Sometimes they say it when my boys are being loud, full of laughter and happy playfulness. Sometimes they say it when I have both boys telling me stories (in full loud voices) at the same time. Sometimes they say it when I seriously want to muzzle my children because they are giving me a headache. But it doesn’t matter the circumstance, people can be rude! And I totally know that constipated look that comes with it! All we can do is make sure that we are NEVER like that! If we see a fellow mother (or father) with one (or more) kids in tow, the best thing is to SMILE. A smile surely makes anyone’s day! And Maris, you ignore those “boring” people who glare at children making noises and being kids because you have wonderful, loving, happy kids and you are one great MAMA!
    PS. Eight hours? Girl, that drive is 10+ as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now ; )

  3. It was such a relief and reassuring to read this blog and your reflections on being a mom and what your kids bring to your life. Sometimes I look at you sympathetically and with concern as I see you being strectched, pulled and contorted in so many directions. But I can sigh with relief to know that the experience of mothering these dear kids is as joyful for you to do and it is for me to be a granddad! Keep up the fantastic work/play!!!!

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