10 months

The days are passing quickly and the 1st month of Fall has already come and gone. But I wanted to capture you at this fun and fleeting stage, baby girl because soon you will be walking and talking.

DSC_0157aYou are an independent little soul, and content so long as you can explore or be in the midst of your siblings “action”.

DSC_0171aYou are fast and before I have time to go retrieve you from another room that we have all left, you are right there at my feet scooting along following the noise.

DSC_0167aIn the past month, you started lifting that bum and crawling on all 4’s.

DSC_0150aYou started waving (intentionally), giving me kisses, saying “dadda” and “momma”, clapping, bouncing to music, and are very interested in buttons, drawers, and new textures. Nothing is off limits to you, especially big brother’s sacred toys.

DSC_0182aYou also started to let go of whatever you are holding onto so those 1st steps are right around the corner.

You have shown a feisty, strong side to your personality, playfully pulling at your brother’s hair and laughing or not-so playfully swatting in an attempt to grab something of interest. 😮

You put everything in your mouth especially tree nuts, tree bark, grass and leaves.

DSC_0215aIt is also quite fitting that I didn’t get one shot of you looking at the camera. It was no coincidence that you were ignoring me, you little stinker!

How fast 10 months have gone! How much I have enjoyed caring for you and loving you! How beautiful you are, my sweet (& strong) Amelie.

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  1. What a unique, beautiful bundle of joy. I just can’t get enough of just looking at her and gazing upon her face and expressions. She just has something special that I can’t put into words but my heart knows what I’m thinking!!

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