On the Eve of Fall

Some more highlights of our summer via my iphone…

Mimi bought you 4 the cutest hand-made T’s and onesies from the OC Swapmeet for our fun day of BBQing, slip ‘n’ sliding and fireworks with friends and family.

IMG_0474a Your daddy and I made a goal to take more outings as a family and experience new places. He definitely came through with researching, planning ahead, helping to pack and get you all ready to go when I wanted to be lazy and just stay home. This was the Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark. We had so much fun.

IMG_0481aIt was quite a trek to get to the strawberry fields but you guys loved it. But we couldn’t pick them fast enough to fill the containers because we all couldn’t stop eating them! IMG_0508aSoren, you were in your element. I really do pray you will get a lot more of this in your childhood.

IMG_0520aMy babies. And all smiling? It’s a miracle!IMG_0524aProof that Amelie was in fact with us…Along with our 5th child. That has got to be one of the biggest squash ever!

IMG_0518asweet memories  IMG_0542aEvening walks and bike rides…

IMG_0923aUntil the day turned into night…

IMG_0929We visited a petting zoo…

IMG_0949aAnd we have officially become “one of those family’s” all dressed in the same color. Whatever it takes not to lose one of ya 😉

IMG_0952aWe ventured south a bit (we’re at the Dana Point Harbor here)

IMG_0795aNothing like the love of a daddy.

IMG_0796aTook family hikes..

IMG_0683aKept up with Alizea’s  studies

IMG_0912aAnd stayed cool at the Emde Resort.

IMG_0740aWe had a visit from our friends from Hawaii…

IMG_0698aAnd the kids and I visited the coolest 80 year old’s around for a couple night stay at the retreat house

IMG_0829aIta and Ito, you are never short on love and peace, that’s for sure!

IMG_0850aYou guys had a blast even in the triple digit heat!
IMG_0845aIta, you put her to sleep better than I do…I miss you so much!!!

IMG_0898aThanks to Ito’s HARD work, we were able to enjoy mass on the beautiful patio

IMG_0893aStopping to marvel at this one (And that would be daddy’s “new” car in the background, YEE-HAWWWW!!!!!!! I’m just a little bit excited)..IMG_0905a Lots of park outings…IMG_0714a And ice cream… IMG_0688aAnd mornings at the park before naptime…

IMG_0973aSpecial time with Mimi & Bapa

IMG_0622aAnd did I mention trips to the park? 😉

IMG_0664aMany a morning and afternoon was spent doing this…DSC_0472aAnd welcoming the indoors for “rest time” (or something like that)

DSC_0614aWe’ve been without a TV (or ipad) for over a month now (it started as completely unintentional and quickly became intentional before we could change our minds) but it’s been good. It took some adjusting and “de-toxing” haha (I didn’t realize what a stronghold it had on our Spicy one until the reactions came) and so anyway, I’m seeing a whole lot more of this kind of play now.

IMG_0612aAnd finally, every single stuffed animal and board game and block and coloring book is being put to use now. Well, duh mom!

IMG_0603aI can’t resist a game of Candy Land with my afternoon cup of coffee. That used to be my favorite game, Sweet G

DSC_0613aWe celebrated this guy

IMG_0573aEnjoyed lazy late mornings of prayers, cuddles, tickles, and gourmet breakfast.

814aAnd I got quality time with my Nini…IMG_0780aI thank God for all the blessings and changes that came to us this Summer. It was a really good one and I welcome His plans for this Fall.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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  1. It occurred to me while looking at the montage of the summer and all the different settings that your kids seem to always have a happy and contented look on their faces. I know they have their moments, but they are just happy and contented kids, enjoying life and love from their mommy and daddy. It is so fullfilling to see this!!! Thank you!!!

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