He’s Two

Once upon a time, this little babe turned two.

We didn’t make too much of a fuss for your birthday. Just like your personality. Your sisters make up for that. 😉

Soren Charles, you are one special little boy. Your daddy and I joke that you will either be a military general or a Carthusian monk with your extremely tough skin, your love of exploring the outdoors, your immense respect for nature, your incredible sense of direction and the way you are captivated by communal prayer and song.

DSC_069aYou don’t say a whole lot.  I think your vocabulary consists of all of 10 words, maybe. Some of the most common ones: Mama, Daddy, Bapa, Mami (Mimi), Ah-zea, Baby, Agua, Baba, and you just started saying “Bye Poopoo” You can also sing along to the ABC song along with a whole host of other songs and you babble pretty well to our family prayers. But you sure do communicate your needs and desires in other ways. We all know when you want to go outside, listen to a certain song, need something to drink, want to be held, and when you are ready to leave a certain place. Standing at the front door and trying to turn the handle is a good indicator 😉 You are extremely independent and love to explore on your own and figure things out. Mostly though, you just want to go. Run, through fields of grass, stopping to admire the trees. You are the single biggest inspiration for a stirring desire within me to move to a place surrounded by nature. To give you the opportunity to run through creeks, climb rocks and read under big redwood trees. For now, you can continue charming everyone on Marcella Way. DSC_0108aYou have such a special affection for Amelie, as if you already know it is your job to protect her. You squeal and shriek upon seeing her in the morning and you show your love with a gentle stroke to her head (For the most part). It is so awesome and sweet to watch the bond develop between you two and with all of your sisters. You are such a good brother at such a tender age.

DSC_0101aYou are definitely showing more of your opinion, desires and strength (thanks to you, my wrist got majorly tweaked & hurt for a good 2 weeks) from diaper changes to nap/bedtime to not wanting to sit still in church but you have responded so well to our tough love be it corner time, a smack to the hand or leg or time-out. It is so amazing to see your will shaping and molding right before our eyes into a loving, caring, well mannered little boy. We have a long road ahead and it’s a daily struggle but we can already see huge strides in self control when the potential to be wild and out of control is waiting to take its place.

You are still a champion sleeper. First one to go down at night, last one to get up in the morning and you nap for 2.5-4 hours. Occasionally, you will skip a nap and it is not a pretty sight or sound but if you are rested and fed, you are one content little guy. DSC_083bOne of my favorite things is the way you crawl up into my lap for cuddles and to relax to Andrea Bocelli, Sara Brightman, Josh Groban, Jacci Evanco and the like while I run my fingers through your hair (which, for the record receives complimentary and envious commentary daily). What a total blessing you are to our life, to your sibling’s life, to the Church & to the world! I can’t imagine life without you.

We love you So much buddy bear!

Happy Birthday to my one and only prince!

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  1. Don’t be fooled by his, what seems like a limited word list. His mind is processing more than we can imagine. He’s a thinking (little) man and when he does begin to articulate his thoughts, watch out!!!

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