7, 8 wow I’m late

Well, we’ve been enjoying each other (& my sleep) so much in these summer months that I’ve taken quite the break from the blog. But, I have missed documenting the fun changes going on around here so I hope to do some catch up. Like say, for example, this little angel who has gone through a whole bunch of changes in the last 2 months!

DSC_0405aIs it just me, or does she look like one mature little 8 month old? 😉

DSC_0404aIt is no wonder, I feel like we were out and about and busy for a few days and then the next thing I know it, she’s a baby no more. You are the youngest of the four to crawl, wave, pull yourself up to a stance, enjoy table food, begin self weaning and get your 1st tooth (which has not yet broken skin but is definitely visible). You are clearly observing and studying your surroundings because you are one fast, happy, squirmy, funny, tough little girl!

Smart and independent you definitely are! And nothing short of hard-working! That’s my kind of lady.


Now that you have been sleeping through the night for a couple months and I’m noticing some sort of routine, I definitely feel more energetic and in control of things. You normally take your morning nap around 9:30, 10 en route/into our errands or outing. With some planning and luck, once we’re home, I can get you down for your 2nd nap soon after big bro which gives me a chance to work with the big girls on lessons, and then they play together and/or have quiet, rest/reading time in their room while I get things done around the house and/or prep for dinner.

Amelie Dominica, you are another beautiful precious gift from our Father of Lights.


Thank you for lighting up our life with an indescribable life-giving joy!

You add so much LOVE To our home! I’m so excited to see you develop and blossom! (But sheesh, slow down Father time)

Love, Mommy

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