6 Years!

It’s still hard to believe my 1st baby turned six this July! (gasp!)

Alizea, you are such a beautiful little girl (sniff sniff), inside and out! You are passionate, inquisitive, observant, smart, sensitive, pure of heart, stubborn and just bursting with love! Daddy and I are so proud of you and thank you for making us so happy.

DSC_0265aWhen we asked you whether you would like to have a special outing to some kind of amusement park, or a party with all your friends, it took you about 2.5 seconds to give us your answer… 😉

DSC_0320aPart of me was disappointed thinking of the work involved with planning and putting on a party while nursing a baby around the clock and being slightly sleep deprived. But mostly, I was excited at the challenge of thinking of a theme, shopping for all the necessities with the 4 of you and getting together with family and friends whom I was missing! And above all, I was extremely motivated to give you a special day where you felt honored, loved, appreciated and celebrated!  To my surprise, I truly enjoyed the process of planning this day more than any other party we have hosted, precisely because you were so involved and so helpful every step of the way.


You were so adorable giving me such positive feedback to any ideas I shared with you and oozing with excitement to share your ideas as well. You were SO eager to help out as much as possible so over the course of several weeks, we slowly put things together, collecting pine cones on our park outings, painting river rocks for samples for our craft table, making nature pages, (making way too many trips to the Dollar Tree) and staying up way past your bedtime looking up Scripture verses together or making tissue balls with Aunti Nini!

DSC_0281aAs always, I couldn’t  have done it (while having so much fun) without my gorgeous sidekick

DSC_0279And then there was Super Bapa who met me at Costco a couple days prior to push a 2nd overflowing cart while carrying a toddler on his shoulders and helping to entertain2 more, stayed up with me the night before sticking popsicle sticks into more than 100 watermelon slices, stuffing 2 pinatas full of candy with the girls and arriving way before anyone else to begin all the set up. Best. Dad. Ever.

DSC_0255aAnd let’s not forget your daddy who works so very hard to give the best to his family , sweatin’ over the BBQ, cooking 50 burgers and almost as many hotdogs for your guests!

DSC_0263aExcept to breastfeed, I hardly saw this one the entire day

DSC_0363aHowever, she was not lacking warm arms willing to hold her close…

DSC_0318aI was just laughing because it wasn’t until I viewed these pictures that I realized (or remembered after I completely forgot) that she had a little matching twinsie

Samarah: “Hey Amelie, good taste, girlfriend!”

DSC_0369aAmelie: “Yes Samarah, and I just love what you did with your hair!”

DSC_0370aWhat’s the saying, Mandi, “Great minds dress alike?” 😉 (Fist bump)

DSC_0365aSo, back to the party action..
who’s ready for some “Pin the Ray on the Sun?”DSC_0327aAnd then pinata time. Since there were well over 30 kids, Bapa and I made a last minute call to split the group up between girls and boys.

Look at that face!

KILL!!!! Must. Have. Candy.DSC_0355aA very happy crew!DSC_0382aLittle Genevieve was so funny, saying it was her birthday party too. We eventually just went along with it. It might as well have been for her since there are very few things in our home that are not shared! 🙂DSC_0379aSoren led the boys with a little help from BapaDSC_0402aMy Spicy one, your birthday celebration was most definitely a highlight of the summer. And your enthusiasm to bring people together to celebrate family, friends, laughter, life, LOVE is obvious!

DSC_0295aYou continue to amaze me with a very special mind that rarely is at rest. But I am enjoying this stage you are in. (You are one fun shopper although we have a little “too much fun” which gets me into trouble with your daddy 😉 ). I was sharing with him the beauty of your duality: on one hand, the juvenile of playing with your dolls, spending hours playing “mommy and baby” with Genevieve, pleading with Daddy for imaginary play involving fairies and unicorns and pegasus’s and on the other hand, you are reading at a “3rd grade” level, translating Latin sentences to English and vice versa with perfect Grammar, reciting the Apostle’s Creed, explaining why man was made, doing double digit Subtraction and engrossed in your book on the Lives of Saints (particularly martyrs of the Faith). To preserve your innocence, form a purity of heart and maximize the potential of your reasoning and thinking. That is the goal of ours for you and for all of your siblings.

 You are such an incredible help to me! I finally feel as though I have 1 “on my side” as we take care of the other 3. You are such a good teacher to Genevieve, protector of Soren and nurturer to Amelie. My favorite story in the past week is when I awoke to your “baby talk” voice interacting with Amelie and then awhile later, seeing you had crawled into her playpen (where she is sleeping now) with her favorite toys keeping her totally occupied and content while I squeezed in as much sleep as I could get! Long gone are those days of pleading for me in the middle of the night (and no, I don’t miss them one bit) 😉

DSC_0313aThank you for challenging me and inspiring me daily! I am honored and humbled that God chose me to be your mother and take care of all your needs while here on this earth.

Happy 6th Baby!

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  1. How wonderful to relive a magical day in pictures. I got to see events I didn’t get to see the day of. And, oh yes, how right you are in your insightful description of my first grandchild!! And I wouldn’t change a thing. She is indeed a very, very special child who has great things in store. I can’t wait to see her continue to blossom, but not too fast!

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