Six Months or so

Here we are again. I’m too tired to do the math but it may very well be closer to your 7 month update. So I’ll get on with it since time is not slowing down for me.


You’ve had an interesting month. I’m guessing that involved a growth spurt by the fact that you didn’t seem to be in 6 month clothes for very long.

You weigh 17 pounds and are now wearing 9 months clothing.

You have had some really good nights and some really um…not-so-good nights…which quickly reminded me why the newborn stage is not my favorite stage. Now, isn’t that silly.

How can I get upset at a face like that?! Even if you are waking me every 2 hours.

You have been sick more than Spicy was in her 1st 2 years. You can thank your siblings for that. Nothing more than a hoarse voice and the sniffles but it’s still hard on both of us.

You are not technically crawling but you sure can travel and quickly! You roll and turn in s complete circle on all 4’s and roll around some more until  you are clear across the room or stuck under the couch calling for help.

You have many sides to your personality. Here you are in your serious look… which reminds me a lot of your brother


But as Bapa has always said, you are so quick to smile…


You bring so much joy to your siblings. Lately especially, we have caught Soren caressing your head, cupping your face with his hands, giving kisses spontaneously and laughing when you squeal. It’s so awesome to be apart of.

You are babbling quite a bit and by the sounds of it, I’m guessing “dadda” will be your 1st word. (darn!) 😉

After starting you out with vegetables and trying a different variety of fruits, I am back to good ‘ole rice cereal for the time being as you seemed to be getting way too gassy with the others

Hats off to half a year babe!


Thank you for reminding me why God commanded us to “Be Fruitful and Multiply” 😉 You are a complete and total blessing from above!

Love, Mommy

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  1. These have to be professionally done pictures, worthy of a magazine spread! Oh my gosh, what an absolutely adorable, delectable, squeezable, lovable bundle of pure joy! I can just sit and watch Amelie and her incredible expressions, which you have caught so perfectly in these pictures. As much as I love this stage and her expressions of pure innocense, I can’t wait to see what will blossom in years to come!

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