Mother’s Day Weekend Getaway 2013

So, this year Mom suggested starting a new tradition for Mother’s Day. A getaway. Wait, did I heart that right? A mini escape sans all children who utter noises from their mouths, cooking, dishes, laundry, dirty diapers (since little Lee Lee only poops once a week, but more on that in her next update) staying in an ocean-view room with my favorite friends??? Wow. What did I do to deserve this?


It was an horribly stressful interesting start of a trip but Miranda earned the title Pit-bull for using her God-given and corporate strengthened business talk to straighten everything out and keep me extremely calm in the process. I was definitely impressed and gained a new level of respect for my baby sis! Waking up to the oceans crashing on the shore and these 2 was a nice change 😉



The lighting was so perfect, I couldn’t resist a little photo shoot of my #4. I guess she has me beat on the back rolls 🙂

DSC_0114-001You can’t be any more perfect, little angel

DSC_0110-001God is so good to have allowed everything to work out so Ita could be with us. It wouldn’t have been the same without her and I was so excited when I found out she was joining us. Sharing my littlest blessing with my Ita is an indescribable joy.  I know I will have these memories burned in my heart forever and the pictures to remind me.

DSC_0075-002They hold each other as if they’ve known each other for years. Pure Love is all I see in them



DSC_0095-002They are a microcosm of what life is all about. And reason alone for the existence of God.

DSC_0077-002Anyway, we did do more than stare at the babe all weekend. 😉 There was plenty of laughter



Lots of sharing.


And eating.


And of course, loads of relaxing.

DSC_0188-001We had our share of “adventures” (Miranda, were you trying to get us back for all the years of pestering we did to you growing up through your chauffeuring? ;)) , I did come home to sick kids (which required enough work to immediately wipe away any guilty feelings I had for leaving them) and a spent husband (with loads of respect which I don’t think could have otherwise been gained without the getaway) but strengthening and enjoying my relationship with these incredible women, sharing our hearts, tears of joy and sorrow, and sharing our faith with one another was so incredibly fulfilling. Just Priceless

Thank you Lord (& husbands) for meeting my needs yet again!

DSC_0202-002I’m already packing for next year’s trip … kidding… Well, maybe 😉

3 Responses to Mother’s Day Weekend Getaway 2013

  1. Just simply love it! Can’t wait to see you and your beautiful family! I really have a “sweet and sour” feeling cus I know how much I will miss my little ones and big ones too, but I need to see YOU All! Love aunt Yoli

  2. There are not four women more deserving of time away and together than the four awesome ladies in these pictures. I hope you can do for many years to come!

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