Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Gifts

Some highlights from our memorable Memorial Day weekend.

We celebrated the gift of hard work.


DSC_0249-001And the gift of play.



We had time to sit and soak up the gift of new life.


And the gift of having her daddy’s touch, protection and LOVE.

DSC_0328-001 The gift of an Auntie who spoils them rotten


And the gift of my heart expanding once more

DSC_0383-002The gift of a large (relatively speaking) family


and the gift of freedom of expression

DSC_0412-003The gift of firsts

DSC_0452-001And the gift of pure enjoyment

DSC_0458-001The gift of (40 years of ) marriage

DSC_0463-001And the gift of giving


We ended the long weekend watching a touching documentary of some of our bravest brethren and began to explain to our little one the gift of sacrificial giving and the courage of giving one’s life for another. We thanked them, offered prayers for them and were humbled once more.

DSC_0524-001Then, with patriotic pride in our heart’s, we celebrated the gift of good ‘ole fashioned baking with Dad’s famous chocolate chip cookies! 🙂

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  1. I am so amazed at how, under your leadership, your family is able to extract the absolute maximum from each day and each event. You truly know the meaning of living each day and moment to it’s fullest!!

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