5ish months

Well, your 4 month milestone passed me by so quickly that there was no time to get you dolled up, snap some pics and write… Sigh.


But at least I’m here now, posting these shots I got and documenting a few things that you’ve been up to lately. I know I’m biased but you are gorgeous, little one. And I have no idea how you came from me.

DSC_1034You are such a good baby. And I’m not just saying that. I now know what that means and what that doesn’t mean. Let’s just say, #4 in the line suits you well. 😉


You are a happy, peaceful, not bothered by too much, not as serious as Soren, not as independent as Sweet G nor as Spicy as Alizea but a content, very happy little one. I haven’t come up with your nick-name yet. I thought about Happy A but that was just too….Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. I know it will come to me, my little dwarf. 😉

-You really like to put things in your mouth and suck and chew. Anything from hair (yuck) to clothing, stroller straps, blankets and your fingers.  Hey mom, maybe that’s s sign you are ready for solids. I need to add that to my never-ending list.


-The big news is that you outgrew your bassinet and have moved into the big girls room down the hall. The transition was the smoothest yet of moving/combining kids and I’m realizing in our bedtime routine that you have a very cooperative, easy going personality. I think you can learn a lot from how a baby responds to the need for sleep. At least with my 4 that has been the case. I usually nurse you while reading Genevieve her bedtime story and Daddy is reading to Alizea, although lately you lift your head to see what is going on and want to participate so usually, the reading waits until you are done. Then you get burped and in the crib you go. With your white noise and paci, you put yourself to sleep. Occasionally, you wake up once in the middle of the night but your pacifier helps you right back to sleep. Other times, you don’t need it and sleep through the night. You are the 1st to wake up around 6-6:30am unless you wake for an early feeding, which I am actually liking because once you go back to sleep, I lace up and that seems to be the only time I can squeeze in a good jog.

-You are our rolly polly, the youngest of the 4 to roll from back to front and front to back without any help and very quickly. I think that happened closer to 4 months which surprised us!

-You aren’t quite sitting up on your own but you seem to prefer your tummy to your back and by the way you reach, grab, push your feet and lift your bum, I have a feeling you will be crawling very early.

-You absolutely love your sibling interaction and light up every time 1 of them gets in your face to talk to you, snuggle with you or give you a kiss. You seem to understand way more than a 5 month-old baby should and you play right along with them.

DSC_1029Thank you for showing me daily how to Love. Thank you for drawing me closer to our Creator every time I look at you, hold you or think of you. Thank you for the gifts you bless our family with that help us to keep our eyes on heaven and our perspective where it ought to be.

We love you and look forward to the changes in the next month!


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  1. Gorgeous is the perfect word to describe our Amelie! How unique and different she is from her siblings, as it should be!

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