These Days

I never want to forget these days.

They are long and hard and I’m a stinky mess by the end of the day. But I never want to forget the way they follow me around the house. How a closed bathroom door means absolutely nothing to them 😉 I never want to forget that all they want is to share their world with me and give their world to me because they need me for everything. I never want to forget the way she is taking it all in.

DSC_0316-2I never want to forget that even with an early morning cartoon treat, the girls go running down the hallway (pushing and shoving because everything is a win-lose competition around here) when I announce I am going to get Soren or Amelie. I never want to forget their sweet, high-pitched voices saying “good morning” and how we all congregate in 1 bedroom or another singing, rocking in the rocking chair, helping each other get undressed, and dressed, and how they smother each other, ok, how Alizea smothers the other 3 with hugs and kisses until a less than patient threat ends the frustration. I never want to forget the joy they bring to my life.

DSC_0321-2I never want to forget how she is the most content in my arms. Even if I haven’t brushed my hair in days. Even if I have morning breath, or coffee breath, or stinky pits because I’ve already broken a sweat by 10am. 😉 DSC_0302-2

I never want to forget the days when empty cartoons of milk are put back in the fridge and bottles are made with coffee because Daddy and I are slightly sleep deprived. I never want to forget the way we understand and empathize with the other because  we can’t complete a full sentence if our life depended on it. Indeed, my hands are full. My life is full. And yes, they are worth the sleepless nights and calloused hands from carrying a 20 pound car-seat around with one arm because that’s her preferred method of falling asleep and sore arms from holding a 30 pound toddler around with the other arm while carrying said car seat around.

I never want to forget that these days, albeit challenging are the best days of my life.

3 Responses to These Days

  1. This was THE BEST POST I HAVE EVER READ!!! This post made me cry and laugh and relate and miss and love and remind me so much of what life is all about. Your such and awesome Momma, Marisa. I admire you so much and I am so blessed to know you in my travels of life! God bless and I miss you and your littles SO much.


  2. So beautiful Maris! I echo Michelle’s comment… this post made me cry, laugh, smile and filled my heart with joy and such admiration!! You are amazing.. Love you soo much!!
    Miran 🙂

  3. You won’t forget because we don’t forget the most important things in our lives, (although it is a good idea to write them down as reminders when our mind gets cluttered with more things than we thought we could compress into one brain) Your kids absolutely adore you in every way possible. You are undoubtedly their whole world and you accept that huge responsibility with all the courage, devotion and love required of it.That’s what makes you so special and your kids so lucky. Your kids don’t see the physical subtleties that we tend to overemphasize-they see beyond the surface and into the heart and in that, they see only beauty, comfort and security in yours.

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