Easter 2013

A week late but some highlights of our Easter weekend…Easter 20131Anything that involves cousin Caleb, Auntie Jenny or Aunt Sherry & Uncle Jerry’s house is pure excitement! Easter 2013

Auntie Laurie was more than willing to hold and talk to and later, put to sleep this one…DSC_0498-1Auntie Jenny read the Easter story while the eggs were hidden and then the hunt beganDSC_0541-1Even Amelie looks like she’s scanning and searching DSC_0538-1An accomplished crew with their “new life” treasures

DSC_0571-1Sunday morning getting all the little people dressed for churchDSC_0598And then a lovely brunch, games, sharing, another hunt and dinner at Mimi and Bapa’s DSC_0701-1This is what happens when you wait to try and get a picture with tired, hungry, hot, whining kids 😉 DSC_0677-1But we did manage to get a decent 1st picture of our family of 6, yahoo! DSC_0618-1It was a very blessed Easter celebrating the new life Christ gives us here on earth and in our eternal life to come!

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  1. Yes, success with Family Soto picture. Love it and I will want a copy of all of you together looking so “GUAPOS”, Beautiful. Praise God once again for his goodness in his Blessings of Family. Thank you for making such an effort after an already busy weekend for you all. Now comes the days of downtime and rest!!!!Love, Mom

  2. Is Caleb red headed?? Who are the other two boys?

    LOVE the fam pic and am SO impressed by Amelie’s gigantic smile in that shot!!

  3. More memories and traditions that the kids will take with them throughout life and maybe pass on to their kids. Oops, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I just can’t help it now that I’m looking back so much at this stage of my life.

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