Baptized in Christ

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.

Matthew 28:19 DSC_1382-52 weekends ago on March 23rd, this little babe was baptized! Washed clean of original sin! What a joyous day!DSC_1408-3

Mimi & Bapa are her “godparents” DSC_1411-1which is extra extra special 😉 DSC_1416-2

DSC_1432-3Sweet G blessing her little sister with the sign of the cross. Melt my heartDSC_1369These 2 have such a special relationship already. Alizea just adores Caleb and it was so wonderful to be able to share the day with him and his momma and Memaw 🙂DSC_1391The lighting of the candle


DSC_1427Her little mind doesn’t know what is happening but her soul sure does

DSC_1428-1Intrigued little observers DSC_1400-2This little guy is in training but getting pretty good at behaving for an hour-long stretch! DSC_1353-1And a helpful, quiet distraction for those busy little hands 😉DSC_1372Father Craig MacMahon, O. M.V was the officiant minister of the sacramentDSC_1467-1Amelie was an angel, of course 😉 DSC_1502-2 And now her “cuernitos” (horns) are no more, as Mimi & Ita joke 😉DSC_1542-1And then it was time to celebrate!!! Amelie's Baptism 3.23-1Happy baby DSC_0024-1The wonderful, beautiful, chosen grandparents and godparents DSC_0041Nini was proud she rocked her to sleep DSC_0064Soren Charles, you have stolen my heart. DSC_0001Speaking of Charles, Little brother with big sister (what a great shot!)DSC_1583-1And a bit later, a special moment captured spanning 3 generations and more than 80 years. The circle of life DSC_0151What a beautiful, special, blessed day to witness God’s hand reaching down from heaven to touch the very essence of His creation and make it whole again.

My little angel, may you always see your faith as the most valuable treasure you possess, “more precious than gold” as the Scriptures say, and may we always work to remain faithful and pure in His sight.
DSC_1493-2Oh happy happy day!

2 Responses to Baptized in Christ

  1. You have captured the Beautiful Day so successfully. Love the picture of You and Amelie. The entire day was so peaceful and enjoyable. Thanks to you and Dean for the invitation of asking us to be Godparents. We pray that we will be faithful and mindful of this serious commitment and all its spiritual implications as we see Amelie’s Soul growing in the Love of God. Please always guide us with your vision and expectations for us. I will always pray, attend daily Mass, and include Amelie as well as Alizea, Genevieve and Soren to join us in Church to Praise and Love God. Also, I will be mindful to speak loudly and share my faith with them all. Love, Mom

  2. I feel so privileged and honored to be connected to Amelie in this very special way. Thank you for having the confidence in me to ask me to be involved in Amelie’s life and formati0n in this awesome manner. I hope I am worthy.

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