About 3 months ago, our little Genevieve turned 3.

But often, I have to remind myself, and Dean, and Spicy, that you are only three.DSC_0248

 You are so independent and patient and cooperative and communicative and witty that it’s easy to forget.

You can be quite the ham. What a little sense of humor you have. You can string us all along believing you are genuinely sad about something from the expression in your eyebrows, to the way you carry your shoulders down to your bent knee slow walk and then suddenly,  “I’m just kidding guys” and be dancing around. 😉 You don’t mind the attention one bit but I can tell you want others to be happy and you enjoy seeing others laugh.

Which is exactly why you got the name Sweet G

DSC_0262And although you have a mind of your own, a strong will, and have no problems expressing your opinion, you seem to know which battles to fight. My little wise one.


You are such a good little sister and big sister.

You are eager and available to be your sister’s playmate (which is mostly at her request) and yet, you are so keen to the needs of your brother and baby sister…you’ll  break away from a game of memory or “restaurant” play at the sound of Soren’s babbling to greet him after a nap, sing to him when he’s getting his diaper changed and you can hear the frustration in my voice, run over to Amelie when you hear her crying to talk to her or rock her in her carseat or swing or stroke her face and even ask daddy or me if we’re ok after a cough or sneeze.

You amaze me.

And you deserve the best. Only God’s best. And that’s why I pray every day that He fills me with His grace to bear the responsibility of caring for your beautiful little soul.


That thought alone can overwhelm me to tears. But I know He chose me for a reason. Thank you for teaching me something everyday. Something more about the face of Christ.

Happy Birthday Genevieve Miranda!

We love you so much!

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  1. What can I say, I love that sweet G girl. I am so blessed she likes Mimi’s car otherwise I might not get her as often. Ha! Ha just kidding.
    I love those pictures of Genevieve. Love, Mimi

  2. Sweet G is indeed a gem! Her heart and it’s deepness never ceases to amaze me. The ability to care and express empathy is desirable and enviable for someone of any age but downright extraordinary and almost unbelievable for a 3 year old. She is, for sure, special and sooooooooooooooooooo cute!

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