Today was Dean’s last day of leave & so we decided to enjoy it as best we could. He took the girls on a date while I stayed back nursing the other 2 to health. Then in the early evening, we put up a tent,

DSC_0402 We got take-out


And had a picnic

DSC_0416Although we set everything up for the kids to have their own, fun space, they just wanted to be on the porch with us at our feet. literally. I looked at Dean, tempted to roll my eyes as I got interrupted about 10 times trying to get 5 words out, he smiled and we read each other’s minds, looked down at them, and soaked up the moment.

When I think of the past 3 months, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions.  Challenges, blessings, transitions, adjustments, growth. Lots of growth. For all of us individually and as a family. I’m so glad I can say that we are stronger and closer than ever. Challenges and all.

Baby toes and effortless dinner. My dream world 😉

DSC_0418I’m having a hard time deciding which one looks more edible. The fortune cookie or the chocolate-y, chubby little hand, dirt under the nails and all. 😉

DSC_0434Hang in there, My Love. I know you had high hopes to take your business to a new level. And you did. You balanced your work, our family of 6, instructor to our Spicy one and you dove into what God had for you, for us during these 3 months. In just 12 short weeks, our family grew. Your business grew. Our communication grew. Our faith grew. Our love grew.

2 Responses to Growth

  1. wow! new way to adjust now to a different routine and hours of daddy being at work. You all are so wonderful and beautiful when you have such joy with simple everyday experiences. I can envision you and Dean trying to share and talk. But the angels have so many joys and experiences they want to constantly involve mommy and daddy!!!Enjoy them while you can. They grow so fast!!Love, Mimi

  2. Marisa, when you were your kids’ age, you always wanted to be with your family, above and preferable to all else. Now, you’ve passed that desire on to your kids. Never wish it any other way!!!!!! Someday it will be and you’ll miss it terribly.

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