Family Snow Day

Some shots from our highly anticipated family fun day in the snow! It was a first for all 4

DSC_0522-2 And although it was about 2 weeks later than we had planned, thanks to a terrible flu bug that swept through our house, and much of the winter’s snow had melted away , he didn’t know the difference…


It started out as many of our adventures or outings do…loud. And like nails scratching a chalkboard. Yeah, that sound. 😉  1 needs her milk…Right away! 1 needs his diaper changed. The other 2 are bickering. And every time, I ask myself why we put ourselves through it. (Of course, I am way too overwhelmed and frustrated to get pictures of the comical chaos) And then within minutes, the scene completely changes  DSC_0549-1 Calm. Peaceful and I was actually able to sit back and take it all in.

DSC_0552-1After nursing her under a big beautiful oak tree, this one slept. Little snow bunny.

DSC_0670-1Thanks to some wonderful and generous friends, we were well dressed and well equipped.

DSC_0534-1We spent hours sledding down hills. DSC_0658

Every combination of us. Dean and the girls.

DSC_0667-1Dean with each girl.

The girls together.

DSC_0588The girls solo

Family Snow Day 3.12

The girls and me. The boy and me. And me by myself, yelling like I was on one of those crazy scary carnival rides that flip you upside down a hundred times. I think I had a lot of tension to release. I can’t imagine why 😉

Another hour or so was spent creating




This one loves her rocks. I wonder where she got that from 😉


The best group shot, I could get, minus 2…(Pay no attention to Soren’s obscene gestures)


All 4 passed out on the way home which was a sign to me that they had a great time!

DSC_0516Thank you Father God for a beautiful day!

3 Responses to Family Snow Day

  1. yay! next year hopefully you can get out there when its FREEZING cold and tons of snow (cant believe dean was in a tshirt). LOVE Soren’s finger shot ; )

  2. What an amazing fun day for all of you. Great pictures of all! Love the picture of you and Amelie. Just a fun loving day for you and your loved ones. May the Lord continue to Bless you with more outings full of fun and memories. Some day you and Dean will sit in your rocking chairs of a front porch looking back at wonderful pictures and sharing the wonderful memories you both created with your beautiful children. Love, Mom

  3. One unescapable impression that I come away from all pics of your family is the pure expressions of joy and happiness on the faces of the kids. These snow day pics are chocked full of reflections of what is in the hearts of your kids-contentment, confidence, freedom. You and Dean are just awesome parents! The pics also brought back memories of our trips to Mammoth.

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