3 months!


One of these days I’ll be on time with these milestones 😉 You’re just growing too fast.

 You are one beautiful babe! Daddy and I secretly agree that you just might be the cutest baby thus far. Shhh, don’t tell your brother and sisters.


Maybe it’s those baby blues that we didn’t expect. Or your sweet, go-with-the-flow demeanorDSC_0223Or just those well proportioned features as Nini points out 😉 At any rate, you are just precious, and oh, so chunky! But don’t worry hun, you need not worry about your figure quite yet.


Everyone that observes you points out that you seem older than 3 months. You are so aware of your surroundings. When you are tired, if I set you on our bed or in your swing, you are happy as long as you can see me but the second I turn my back, you let me know you’re not happy. You are also quite expressive.

DSC_0235You are babbling and making all kinds of sounds. You blow bubbles. You are grabbing rings, blankets and always holding onto a shirt or strap or piece of hair. As long as you can see faces and hear voices, you are content.


You are taking several shorter naps throughout the day but you sleep great at night. Usually from 9pm to 7am. In fact, lately, you have been the best little sleeper of all 4. Between teething, potty stops, bad dreams and stomach bugs, I’ve been up almost all night with the older 3. This is how I’ve been feeling too.

DSC_0255It wasn’t until I had Soren that I realized the variety of sucking variations out there. Well, you have introduced a new, 4th soothing mechanism to our family.

DSC_0353-1The 2-3 finger shove! It’s quite adorable to hear you smacking on those even in the early hours of the morning.

You’ve got a rough life & I know it’s exhausting being loved on by so many little people. 😉

DSC_0227You already surpass any expectations we had for you and you are just irresistible! Muah!

4 Responses to 3 months!

  1. Truly, I believe that Amelie adds a sense of balance and a person for the entire Soto Family to focus on Loving her.All members of the family look to her for caring and attending to her and also all are together discovering what baby’s are all about and to comment it on it. Also, I see Alizea and Genevieve always wanting to help with her needs. The girl’s enjoy being her big sisters.Again, I love the poses and pictures you took and selected that went so well with your comments. Thank you for this blog. I miss them so much when I can’t be holding them or playing with them. Love, Mimi

  2. Each time I hold and gaze upon Amelie, I find myself marveling at how different she is from her siblings. The word that keeps coming to my mind to describe Amelie is BEAUTIFUL. I think her smile will launch ships, cause car wrecks and make boys swoon. Indeed, a wondrous creation! Marisa, your pictures are just exquisite. You are developing into quite the photographer who captures so much more than a picture-you get feelings, emotions and so many other intangibles.

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