Happy Valentine’s Day

From our littlest Valentine!

(Thank you Auntie Erin for the homemade heart onesie!)


And since this doubles as a 2 month update, here are some things to document for the books:

-You are filling out, no doubt. It’s such a blessing that you are enjoying momma’s milk. Bring on the rolls! Such a difference from just 6 weeks ago

Amelis in Valentines outfit 20131-2

-You have the least hair of the 4 and I’m guessing you will lose most of it & it will come in lighter, like Spicy’s did.

-You also have dark blue eyes for now. A first, as by now, the others were already darkening to a brown. I’m curious whether they will stay this way (fingers crossed!) 😉

-You are sleeping 6-7 hours at night consistently! Your bed-time varies from 8-11 depending on what kind of day you’ve had. But hopefully, this trend continues and increases to 10-12 hrs.

-You are “coo-ing” and “caw-ing” and full of smiles when we interact with you and you are following movement and voices so well!

-Your neck is so strong. you are definitely ahead of the game on “tummy time” lifting high that head and turning it from side to side.

-You’re gonna be a tough one. The only one with a big brother who is already showing you his rough side, I have no doubt you will be able to hold your own. I’m also hoping you will help me keep your big sisters in check 😉

You are a complete joy and in your short 2 months of life, you have already made our family closer, our marriage stronger and have already brought your family members closer to Jesus!


We love you!!!

2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Amelie, you are truly irresistible! All I want to do is squeeze you and kiss you. I love you very much and mommy has just done another great job describing you and all your attributes and personality and temperament. You are the best Valentime anyone could ever have. Love, Mimi

  2. Amelie, Always a ready smile that just steals my heart! Each time I see you, a subtle, but new look. So cute and so beautiful, so unique, so AMELIE!!!

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