There is no greater friend than a sister

DSC_0505-1These were some of the 1st shots I got playing around with my new camera lens.

DSC_0516-2They are only a couple weeks old and already, I’m looking at them thinking “she looks so different now” with her chubby cheeks and new rolls popping up every day. 🙂

DSC_0510-2Ah, and falling asleep as I cup your head with my 2 hands is also a distant memory. A lot has changed from just 2 weeks ago (more on that in a future post, I hope) It’s going too fast. I just can’t keep up. Thank goodness for these photos to capture the sweet memories.

DSC_0551-2Big sisters hard at work as we finish off the year…


3 Responses to Sisters

  1. Simply put, (and unbiased at that), she is adorable, precious, huggable, unique, one of a kind (indeed), a gift from God and a most welcome addition to the family! I know the world has some special things in store for you! I love you, Bapa

  2. Lately as I read your posts, I just feel the tears running down my cheeks. You capture the reality of God’s BEAUTY in HIS CREATION!
    Your beautiful Family is a perfect example of this. It is through the sacrificing daily of dying to our own desires but being present to our children that a deeper understanding of LOVE is born. I can feel how even through your own frustrations and tears you learn the beauty that lies underneath that struggle or challenge.What a BEAUTIFUL MOTHER, YOU ARE. I love your photographers ability you continue to develop. The pictures you take of our GRANDCHILDREN ARE BREATHTAKING.Thank you for making time to capture these beautiful photographs and to make time to continue this Blog even with your most challenging schedule. Love and enjoy feeling part of your life. Love, Mimi AMELIE, ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND SOUL!

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