A Shower, Christmas, New baby, oh my!

Well, after a whirlwind of a December, and the longest break from documenting since I gave birth to this blog about 3 years ago, I’m happy to report I’m baaaack!!! 🙂 I never thought I would find myself running through my house to …well, do my job! but that seems to be my new reality for now… And therefore, this time escape opportunity to think in peace & quiet and actually be able to hear my own thoughts as I reflect on this life God has given me has become quite rare (hopefully just for the time being) and has never been so appreciated! What a blessing this little corner of the internet has become to me. Anyway, a little recap of the highlights of the last 7 weeks or so…

1. I was given a beautiful shower by my awesome family in honor of our precious new soul and oh.my.goodness. was it beautiful!

camera dump1

The hours of planning and researching and shopping for the perfect shade of pink and the perfect stickers & doo-dads (Aunt Sherry word) on every layer of every hand-made diaper cake (& I counted at least 5 which I still have not disassembled because they are just too pretty); and every hand-made sign and favor that my incredible, amazing, supermom put into this event was stunning and makes my jaw drop!

camera dump

camera dump8The worker bees. I don’t deserve their love!

camera dump2SO SO SO blessed to have these 2 for my parents 🙂

camera dump7

After 9 months of sickness and aches and pains and anticipation and nerves and HARD WORK, it was so immensely consoling and comforting and inspiring and humbling to be with so many of  my closest friends and family. Gosh, I cant even put into words how uplifting the time was for me… Even if I wasn’t able to talk to everyone, just being in their presence was such a source of encouragement and strength. I felt so incredibly supported and …LOVED….camera dump3 camera dump4

camera dump6

 2. We (& what I mean by “we” is SuperMimi jump starting the endeavour, spending a day 1/2 devoted to making multiple trips to the bathroom, cheering, reading, encouraging, motivating, rewarding, clapping, lots and lots of clapping while I simply got to enjoy the benefits of many less diapers to change because 2 in diapers is quite enough) got this little lady potty trained.


3. Worked on a some GoodWill transformations.

Nesting Before & After projects

Nesting Before & After projects1
yes that would be Mickey Mouse burning up in the microwave & we’re missing a faucet already thanks to a certain little brother who yanked it off.

4. Enjoyed the last few days as momma to 3 soaking up the rays of sunshine and trying so very hard to appreciate the hugeness of my belly

Day before birth

5. Celebrated Christmas with joyful hearts. Happy Birthday baby Jesus!!!

Christmas 2012 Christmas 20121

6. Ah yes, and we had a baby!


See next post for the details of her birth story

Needless to say, she overshadowed any Christmas gifts (as much as I am loving my new camera lens), shows or festivities.

DSC_0304-2Our precious Amelie. A new life and a new soul created to live with our God for all of eternity.
Holding such a precious gift so fresh from heaven definitely gave me an even deeper experience of Christmas like never before.


And we made our 1st little road trip as the Soto6 to visit Ita & Ito. Someone was just a tad excited to see great-grandchild #11! 🙂


Wow! Soooo, life has been Biiiiiii-zy! I definitely feel like I’ve been thrown in the fire (don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds) as mommy to 4 but we’ll save my reflections on that for another time…

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  1. Oh my gosh, as I look at these pics of the events of the past months, I am reminded of how fast time flies. I am also reminded of the joy in sharing these events with you and your family. I remember how slowly it seemed to be going as I was experiencing so much apprehension at your pregnancy, as I always do. I just wanted time to speed up, Amelie to jump out of the womb, Mommy come through it well and healthy and we could all then start rejoicing. Well, it happened and here we are in a new year and Amelie already 6 weeks old! Slow Down, Father Time!!!!!!!

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