Here is the story of how you entered into our world…

Your “due date” was December 5th (even though I have a bone to pick with due dates). πŸ˜‰ At your weekly check up on the 4th of December, Dr Linzey and I discussed the different scenarios that could come to play, he answered all of my questions and patiently addressed all of my concerns regarding induction. Because my body was not ready to force you out, we waited another week knowing that if you didn’t come on your own, we would be scheduling your eviction date at the next appointment. Despite all of my efforts to jump-start labor (& believe me, I tried), you followed in your siblings footsteps and continued to enjoy the comforts of my warm, cozy, womb. The 11th came and I was nervous (but much more ready) to set the date of your arrival. Once again, Dr. Linzey listened to my questions and fears and of all the options I was given, I chose Friday the 14th as the (last possible) date I would meet you. We waited a few more days and then it came. Daddy and I dropped your sisters and brother off at Mimi & Bapa’s house around 1pm the day before. We had an appointment at 2pm to prep me for induction (prostin gel insertion) and you were monitored for a couple hours. The nurse said your “strip was beautiful” meaning you responded exactly how they would hope to the contractions. We left around 4:30 and then enjoyed a really nice dinner at Mimi’s cafe. I was pretty crampy and uncomfortable and having sporadic but strong contractions which is normal for the procedure. When we got home, we watched a movie and I actually got a really good night’s sleep – so good that daddy and I nearly slept through your induction appointment! πŸ™‚ In the morning, we were rushing, throwing our toiletries in our bags, grabbing the camera, phones, ipad and picking up. We drove through Starbucks, and headed to the hospital. We must have been nervous because when daddy took an “alternate route” to the hospital, we had a fiery “discussion” about his decision because that particular freeway was jammed. Emotions were high (that and I hate being late to places) but thankfully we resolved it in the hospital just seconds before meeting our nurse who was with us for the next 12 hours. :p Kathleen was a wonderful!!!! She was an Irish lady, probably in her 50’s who gladly tried switching our assigned room when I made a comment about how small it was in comparison to our other past rooms. Thankfully, the room was open because it was MUCH more spacious and happy looking for the task at hand πŸ˜‰

And then it was game time. They started the pitossin around 8:30am…

Amelie's Birth 12.14For the next 6 hours, there was a lot of waiting, thinking, praying, texting ;), staring at the monitors, watching the measurements of contractions and welcoming the pain. There was some worrying when there appeared to be stress to you (which we would discover at birth was the cord wrapped around your leg), some laughing, and then some crying. Enter epidural. It was around 12:30pm. I remember getting a little discouraged because I hadn’t progressed much in the 1st 4 hours. But the next 4 hours was a different story. Just like with Alizea’s birth, the epidural took better to 1 side so I was still pretty uncomfortable on my left side up until delivery (of course, nothing like it would be without it). Daddy tried distracting me with movies on his phone, reading to me andΒ  feeding me ice chips when all I could think about was a big, juicy cheeseburger. Around 2:30, I remember telling Kathleen I was starting to feel a lot of lower back pain and she had a feeling I was getting close. Sure enough, I was at 8cm and we were all surprised but thrilled! She started getting everything ready for delivery and told us I would be ready to push within the hour! Yippee! Finally a sigh of relief. Last minute calls/texts, prayers were made and Dr Linzey arrived, this time to stay! He asked me to do a practice push and something must have happened because he and the nurse said “whoa! Good job!” After the 1st real push, he actually said something like “Ok, hold on” (as if I could control anything, I could barely feel anything!) and 2 pushes later, you were out and boy did you make yourself known!

Auntie Nini, Daddy and I looked at each other wide eyed thinking the same thing. You. were. loud!

Not so much how I remembered Soren’s or Genevieve’s cry. A lot like we remember Spicy’s. And we joked about just how noisy our home may get for awhile.

DSC_0037But you were just perfect and finally here!!!!


One thing I’ve experienced doing this 4 times is that it may get a little less scary but it is as every bit amazing and miraculous and blessed as the 1st time. Something I truly feel blessed to experience and something where I truly feel God’s hand in mine cooperating to bring forth new life for His kingdom. What an incredible honor and tremendous responsibility to care for His very own creation!

DSC_0060-1Soon after, Mimi, Bapa & your siblings came to meet you! (But no pictures of the littlest 2 – Soren was nearing a meltdown since it was past his bedtime and poor Sweet G wasn’t feeling well)DSC_0098


Daddy stayed with me the 1st night and you slept nearly through the night (6 hours!) We had so much fun together, just us 3, imagining what your personality would be like and doing a lot of staring at you. We can see all 3 of your siblings in you and of course, you have your own unique look! The next day, Daddy left around 3 to pick up Soren and Genevieve and give Mimi a bit of a break. Auntie Nini and Alizea arrived shortly after to join us for dinner and watching Christmas cartoons and sharing and laughter! Your big sis was so incredibly overjoyed by you and loves you with such a pure love! She has already been such a big help to me and enjoys taking care of you so much!


Special moments with my big and little A’s

DSC_0139She too has waited a long time to hold you in her arms


And 1 of my fav’s – These 2….ah, 2 peas in a pod. I love their energy and I can’t get enough of them!


And so, my dear Amelie, you are welcomed and received with overflowing love. Your daddy and I commit to prayerfully raising you up according to His will. We are so excited to see your unique gifts and talents touch our family (& the world) in ways that will make us all more holy. May your life always give Him glory. We are so in love with you!

Love, Mommy

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  1. Love it! Cant wait to meet her!!!!! I especially love the pic of Alizea holding her facing in. For some reason that one made me get all choked up!! Its just too precious. Anyway, love ya and like I said, cant wait to see you and your clan very soon! xoxo

  2. Thank you so much for the details of that very special day in all of our lives-Dec. 14, the arrival of Amelie!!! I loved reading your thoughts, emotions, reactions and reflections. You and Amelie will treasure these in years to come. Thank you for the unselfish sacrifice that you endured to bring this little miracle to fruition. I still tear up when I see new life, especially one that I am part of. The pictures are precious and nothing captures those special moments that will never be repeated like a picture! Although, a picture is nothing like holding and seeing in person our dear Amelie!!

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