These 2 are so fun to watch. And they are developing a really neat friendship. Which is rather convenient since his momma is 1 of my closest friends.

It might sound silly but he really does bring out the best in her. And as her momma who sees all sides to her in varying situations and with varying personalities, I would know.

His momma thinks I’m joking about this arranged marriage thing 😉

But there really is something to be said of the male-female dynamic and balance and harmony that we bring to each other. I am continually reminded (in my marriage and now through my own children) how very differently we men and women are made but how God intended us to compliment each other. And at 6 years old, and without even knowing it, he already has the ability to divert her emotional (dramatic) reaction and within a split second make her laugh uncontrollably.

It truly is fascinating. And necessary. And beautiful.

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