Babymoon. Vegas. 2012.

I told Dean, I really had the urge to get away before Amelie arrived and I knew we would be home-bound for while as we adjusted and transitioned to a family of 6. So, where do you go with 3 little ones when you’re 8 months pregnant? Vegas seemed like a logical choice 😉 No, but really, since we hadn’t stayed at our timeshare there before, we figured the drive was doable, the weather should be nice and there was plenty of fun things to do with the kiddos (And I could still sneak out and go dancing at the clubs should I chose, ha!). Since we made the drive late Thursday night, we all slept in on Friday and had a lazy morning. We had fasted from the the TV the week prior and it definitely paid off. They were extra interested captivated. Despite their serious, rather concerned looks, they are watching, “The Cat in the Hat”… I promise 😉

Master Soren, the king. For the record, this guy is so spoiled 😉

We only spent 2 full days there but it seemed like just the right amount of time. We visited the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

Spent time at the pool…(I can’t wait until these guys are a little bit older and we’re back when I’m not pregnant – they had 4 water slides that looked like so much fun!!!)

Went to Circus Circus for lots of rides, games and shows…

And left plenty of time for rest and relaxation…

I don’t think any vacation is complete without some amount of junk food. I guess Sweet G’s thumb is sweet enough 😉

And for all those skeptics, this is proof that it is possible to relax with 3 little ones in your care…(you simply lock the door 🙂 )

Okay little girl, you can come out now. Any time. Really!

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  1. Marisa, It looks like you guys had a GREAT vacation with much variety, which is, as they say, the spice of life!!! You guys, especially you, deserved every relaxing, fun, loving moment spent together. (I wish we could get the 3 kids to focus on the camera when we try to take a picture the way they are focused on “the Cat in the Hat.”) I’m so glad Alizea got to have her face painted as I still remember how hurt she sounded at LegoLand when we had to leave before she could get her face painted. Good job, Mom and Dad, in providing a treasure trove of memories for the 3 little ones. All of this loving time spent together and fun experiences contribute to their formation. What a foundation you are giving them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So glad you guys could get away and that the drive was “doable.” i love your pics as always but the FIRST one made me crack up! its like they were watching a live childbirth video or something. HAHA. You captured a great moment!

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