All Hallows’ Eve

When our good friends invited us to their “All Hallow’s Eve” celebration, I was more than excited to spend the evening remembering the martyrs of our faith, praying with other families (what a sight to see so many little ones with their hands folded looking at the images of our Lord’s life and praying as Father Craig led the rosary), sitting while stuffing my face and chatting with other adults as the kids were entertained instead of waddling from door to door with no bathroom in sight with a potential whiny child or 2 😉 And, in my opinion, It made the whole preparation of this “holiday” so much more meaningful and educational. It forced me to talk with the girls (mainly Miss Spice) about the lives of different saints, do some research and go on the hunt for some cheap costume pieces. Originally, Alizea chose Joan of Arc. Something about carrying a flag and holding a sword appealed to her. I know, what a shock! 😉 After seeing the dress and “coat of armor” I picked up from the Goodwill for under $10 her response was “Moooooom, I’m not a princess warrior. I’m JUST a warrior!” And there I was trying to sneak in some pink worried she would feel un-feminine. ha! Well, a day or so later, she caught me at the computer looking up ideas for Sweet G and she noticed there were royalty saints. I could see the wheels turning. And like that, she went full swing and decided she wanted to be a queen saint. So here is Spicy as St. Margaret, queen of Scottland.

She was so excited to learn that she had 8 children and helped the poor. (she got to share about her saint at the party, as well!)

Miss Sweets aS St. Genevieve, of course 😉

And our very own St. Michael the Archangel

Since I didn’t plan on completely ran out of time to come up with a costume for Soren, I’m so glad that hours before the party started, I realized Spicy’s Joan of Arc “armor” could double up as St. Michael’s breastplate. I was cutting cardboard wings and spray painting shoes minutes before we left. Yep, that’s how I roll 😉

St. Joseph (Shane) pictured below and Mary (as our Blessed Mother, of course) did such a fabulous job hosting. The decorations were so original and adorable, the kids had an absolute blast playing musical chairs, decorating their candy bags, hitting the pinata (Alizea was more than excited that she busted it open) and random, but even Santa Claus made an appearance and passed out candy canes.

The girls’ friend, Sophia also came as St. Margaret

We’re so blessed with such wonderful friends who share our love for the faith!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Marisa, what an absolutely fantastic party/celebration you got to participate in. It looks and sounds like it was sooo much fun. The kids were absolutely adorable-Alizea, with her unadulterated expression of joy and happiness, which is so much HER! Genevieve, with her hands on her waist in such a noble manner with her determined look on her face which is so much HER! And I laughed out loud when I came to our little angel, Soren, dressed so royally, open to new experiences, so much like HIM! Awesome pictures and awesome reflections from the hard-working mommy. I (almost) felt like I was there!!

  2. Great ideas! OK I cannot possibly believe how MUCH Alizea (in the top pics) looks like MIRANDA when she was little. THAT is incredible!! Did anyone else notice that??

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