7 Years!

It doesn’t seem like a full year ago that we were doing this. But it was.

(Nearly) every morning, the 1st thing I do is read “The Saint of the Day” email I am signed up for.  I smiled from ear to ear remembering that, arguably the most popular saint and a Doctor of the Church (who died at the tender age of 24) was the patroness of our wedding day/marriage. 😉 I read about her “holy insight that redeems the time, however dull that time may be” and how she embraced suffering as redemptive power for others. It’s incredible to think about her life and message still transforming people all around the world by the power of the Holy Spirit! Wowzie! 🙂 How timely (& timeless) her message of “The little way to Jesus” as I thought a lot today about what has changed since our early married life.

On a sidenote, I got a little too excited about Fall too quickly. Didn’t realize there would be yet another heat wave of triple digits leaving me little room to argue with a 2 year old who didn’t want to wear any clothes.

So. instead of debating all day about what restaurant to dine at, I was changing my 4th poopy diaper by 10 in the morning 😉 Instead of getting primped and strapping on my high heels, I was changing my already stained T-shirt yet again from unknown sticky substances and bloody nose messes, hoping I wouldn’t smell too badly when the man I fell in love with walked in the front door. Instead of enjoying a peaceful, quiet meal gazing into each other’s eyes, while having plenty of silent moments in between the hours and hours of talking and sharing of our minds and hearts, while not letting go of each other’s hands, we were nearly yelling across the table while being interrupted every 10 2 seconds by a 1 year old’s excited (or impatient because the food wasn’t coming fast enough) loud shrieks, while reminding the girls that legs do not belong on the table, while picking up chunks of food from the floor, while holding my huge belly as I sloooowly got off the floor just in time for 3 more chunks to be thrown at the back of my neck, while trying to finish my cold spaghetti made with sauce from a jar. 😉 Not quite the romantic scene of old. But, guess what? As I was downloading these pictures, I realized how much more tangible and deep our love has become over the years thanks to these 3 fruits of our Love.

I now love him every time my patience is tested, which is a lot in 1 day so even if I don’t ‘pass’ every test, I’m still growing in Love. I love him as I feed mouths and wash dishes. In the very mundane actions of the day, I am loving him whether I realize it or not. I love him as I sit and clap while these 2 put on an adorable little dance show for me……

As I smile with pride watching him figure things out for the 1st time

And as I motivate her to do her studies.

My love, his love, our love is all around me at all times, now in the flesh and transforming our marriage and our hearts in ways neither of us thought possible. Our Love has never been as real and present as it is now. Every time I am hugged and kissed and feel her legs stretching and kicking inside of me, every time I struggle to get up off the floor and wipe bums, I am loving him and he is loving me. I am constantly reminded of our self-giving, life-giving love through them. I am living my dream and although it is far more challenging than I had ever imagined, it is also way more fulfilling than I could have ever expected!

God is so good!

“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be attained” C.S. Lewis

(A very appropriate quote Dean shared with me in his love note since we spent most of yesterday in awkward “loving” tension. 😉 Thankfully, he has kept up with his word since our wedding night of never letting the sun go down before we resolve any miscommunication, misunderstanding or hurt feelings. And thankfully, we learned something, we grew closer to Christ in the pain and our love was renewed!)

St. Therese, continue to pray for us!!!

2 Responses to 7 Years!

  1. Ohh I love that CS Lewis quote….thats awesome!

    AND you made me feel a whole lot better about the lousy anniversary we had this year (a day in which Ryan and I didnt even get to see each other once because he was away at work until after I was asleep)! I guess anniversaries dont have to be all about a “date night” and alone time. We gave that up when God blessed us with our little miracles. Great perspective my friend! xoxo

  2. Anniversaries are wonderful reminders of a much larger and more encompassing picture-the picture of LIFE!! Anniversaries are a nice opportunity to relish, remind and recount the other 364 days of experiencing the gamut of highs, lows and in-betweens, which make up LIFE. How fortunate those of us are who have the opportunity to “celebrate” anniversaries with someone we love, even if the word “celebrate” takes on an expanded meaning as the years pass. There are many lonely, unhappy and disconnected souls in the world who don’t even have the opportunity to complain about one anniversary which didn’t pan out as hoped or expected. I love your ability to take what life deals you, accept it and find G0d’s hand and message in it, even if it is disguised at times. I was relating to my men’s group how much I admire and envy your ability to see life, with it’s ups and downs, through the eyes of Christ, instead of through our own ego centric perspective. This year’s anniversary was another example of your extraordinary faith!!

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