Her Name

Amelie Dominica Soto

What can I say? I’m a sucker for those French female names! 😉

Amelie (pronounced Ah-may-lee); Origin – French; Meaning – Hard working, Industrious

Dominica Origin – Latin; Meaning – Of the Lord

As the 4th child, I will definitely need a hard worker by my side. And I have a sneaking suspicion she will fulfill her name’s significance. She is definitely working hard in the womb. Girl, you never stop moving! Some history: Dean and I encountered the name as he was reading off a list of married saints. Along with Victoria, it was the only name (of more than 40) that captured both of our attention. (And this was after I had poured through 3 thick books consisting of thousands of names) I prayed over the course of a month or so and received my confirmation. The name Dominica began as a bit of a joke. We had the name Dominic picked out for a boy. When we discovered baby’s sex was female, Auntie Nini asked if the name would be Dominic-a. I chuckled thinking it was just a  silly made-up female version but a few weeks later, it came to my mind out of nowhere and I couldn’t get it out. Once Dean confirmed it was a “real” name, it became a top 3 candidate. And once Amelie was decided, we thought it flowed nicely as a middle name, and it appeased Miss Spicy since it was her top/#1 pick. 😉

Just the other day, Alizea said “No, I changed my mind. I love Amelie for her first name” Phew! It’s so neat to hear big sis already talking to her by name and jumping up and down at the mere anticipation of holding her and kissing her.

My precious baby, I cannot wait to put your name to your face and gaze upon your goodness.

Until then, I will endure the aches and pains and major discomfort as best as I can. (Just don’t come around after 8pm when I have a free pass for complaining how badly my lower back, feet, and other body parts to remain nameless are throbbing)


4 Responses to Her Name

  1. Ohhh there is a french movie (seriously french as in “english subtitles”) which is one of my fav ever! ask erika and mandi…we watched it in college quite a few times! love that name!! the girl in the movie is just so beautiful and adorable. perfect name!

    i still think you should go for dominic on your next boy. love that name!!!

  2. All I can say is that her name was formed with such natural ease and so early. It is wonderful to already know and speak to our new granddaughter by name. It is a fitting beautiful name Amelie Dominica. Great job on the selection of #4’s Name. Love, Mom It just seems like it fits her so well and yet I have not met her in person.

  3. I’m practicing her name quietly to myself and I just love the name. It has such a beautiful sound that will match the beautiful person who will assume it in a few short months. I can’t wait to match the name with the face!

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