Big Sister, Little Brother (& a trip for the middle one)

These 2 have been bonding quite a bit after a spontaneous invitation from Mimi to take Sweet G to the retreat house for a few days.

It’s been so interesting to observe the dynamic involving big sis and little bro. A very different dynamic than when all 3 are together.  I have been amazed at how calm, how independent and focused Miss Spicy has been. She is a different person without the temptation to taunt competition excitement of having her Sweet little sister to bother love on. 😉

I have always said she needed a brother. And I was right. These 2 are so fun to watch. She gets to mother him and be as rough as she wants with him and he takes it and seems to eat it up, for the most part…

There has been a lot of wresting, tickling, jumping, fort building, block stacking,


dancing, and of course their bonding experience wouldn’t be complete without little bro being subject to his big sister’s dress-up…

I just love this next series of shots. The way he makes her laugh…Oh how she loves him so! Melts my heart. (On a sidenote, is it ok to be jealous of my daughter’s hair??? 😉 )

I admit, I was feeling a little guilty that I was enjoying these 2 so much and Sweet G was all by her lonesome (well, by lonesome, I mean enjoying relishing her space and being spoiled and constantly loved on by 2 of the greatest momma’s on the planet!) Um yeah, so as soon as I got to Facetime with my princess and she was telling me in full sentences about her wonderful time, literally as the Queen of the castle, the guilt quickly disappeared and I actually began to grow a little jealous of the blessed little one 😉

Over the course of the last few days, I found myself thinking,”when did 2 kids become so easy?” Probably when I got used to three sometime in the midst of the chaos. It’s amazing how God helps us adjust and adapt to our changing surroundings. It gave me a little hope for the addition of Amelie and that someday (no expectations of when exactly that might occur) I will also adjust and figure out how to take care of 4!

Thank you, angel momma for giving my ‘middle child’ such a special treat of a trip with her Mimi! For all the attention, affection, instruction (I could tell in the 1st 15 minutes of her return that a lot of 1 on 1 tutoring learning sessions took place) and LOVE!!!!!

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  1. That is VERY interesting that Soren calms Spicy down! Hum. Oh and I love the “naked hide and seek.” Haha! PS I bet QUIET G was having the time of her life being with her Mimi as she seems to be a little more “lonerish” than her siblings (nothing bad about that, its just her special personality).

  2. It is interesting to get a glimpse of the benefits enjoyed by all siblings at different location when I picked up Genevieve and took her to Sun City the vacation house. Yes, I noticed Genevieve enjoyed the attention from Ita, Ito, and Mimi. She truly was the queen of the house giving LOVE and receiving so much also. Yet, nice to see that Alizea and brother Soren could have time of their own to get to know one another better as playmates. How blessed they are to have such loving mom and dad. Love, Mom

  3. Having a big sister and a little brother is a special relationship for both involved. I remember looking up to my big sister for example, guidance and security. I regret that my family environment didn’t allow our relationship to develop into what it could have been., although I am experiencing a developing relationship later in life. I have none of those fears about the present and future relationships between Alizea, Genevieve, Soren and Amelie. They have loving parents who have created a loving, safe, God centered home that will allow the four of them to blossom individually and will allow relationships between siblings to blossom as well. How lucky they are!!

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